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Evidence mounts for GSK flu vaccine link to narcolepsy

Though the European Medicines Agency declared last October that links between spikes in narcolepsy in European countries and a swine flu vaccine distributed in 2009 are insufficient, some experts still assert that the shot is to blame, and compelling evidence is growing.

Novartis lands EU approval of meningitis B vaccine Bexsero

Novartis nabbed EU approval of Bexsero, a meningitis B vaccine the company has been banking on to bolster its lagging vaccine unit.

CDC: Flu hits epidemic level in U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control confirmed this flu season has officially reached the level of an epidemic in the United States.

IOM confirms safety of childhood vaccine schedule

Despite scientific evidence and confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that childhood vaccines help rather than hurt, some parents still harbor doubts about immunizing their kids. A recent study from the Institute of Medicine further underscores the safety of the federal childhood immunization schedule.

Novartis rides high on Bexsero study results

Novartis, still riding high on a European Medicine Agency committee backing of its meningitis vaccine Bexsero, confirmed more upbeat results from a study showing the shot offered broad protection to infants.

Protein Sciences nabs Flublok approval

A little more than a month after taking over vacated manufacturing space in New York from Pfizer, Protein Sciences won regulatory approval from the FDA for a new type of flu vaccine.

Vaccine stakes upped as dengue dubbed fastest-spreading tropical disease

Many drug developers have tried and all have failed to create a vaccine for potentially fatal, flu-like dengue. And now the stakes are higher, as the World Health Organization just deemed dengue the world's fastest-spreading tropical disease, representing a pandemic threat.

Flu vaccine, Tamiflu shortage as influenza sweeps U.S.

As one of the worst flu seasons in a decade sweeps the United States, some flu vaccine and drug manufacturers find themselves in short supply of their products. Still, the high demand offers a welcome financial boost.

PATH, Inovio zero in on DNA malaria vaccine

Expanding an already solid partnership, PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and Inovio Pharmaceuticals will work together to advance malaria vaccine development and new vaccination delivery technologies.

Widespread, early flu season grips United States

A fast, early and widespread flu season has gripped the United States, though deaths and hospitalizations are still below pandemic thresholds.