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FDA extends approval of Roche's Tamiflu

Roche has spent the past few months getting raked over the coals by critics who say the company has not offered full and complete access to Tamiflu data. So when the FDA extended the approval of the flu drug, the news came as a much-needed boost.

Nuron Biotech nabs $80M from HealthCare Royalty Partners

Just days after snagging Pfizer's ($PFE) meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia vaccine, Nuron Biotech landed an $80 million deal to further elevate its expanding porfolio of vaccines.

Georgia State scientists investigate universal flu vaccine

A universal influenza vaccine is the virtual Holy Grail for flu scientists, and a researcher and his collaborators at Georgia State University's Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection moved a step closer to developing the elusive shot.

WHO clearance to hoist Indian vaccine exports

The growing market received a major boost this week with an announcement from the World Health Organization that the country's national regulatory authority and affiliated institutions meet the prescribed international standards to supply vaccines to international bodies such as the WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank.

Serum Institute will donate measles rubella vaccine to GAVI

The Serum Institute of India will donate 20 million doses of measles-rubella vaccine to the GAVI Alliance as part of that organization's initiative to reduce the mortality rate caused by measles-rubella in the developing world.

GSK teams with GlycoVaxyn to develop anti-bacterial vaccines

In another collaboration, GlaxoSmithKline, a pharma giant that's no stranger to roping in smaller biotechs for vaccine research, will pair up with GlycoVaxyn to develop new antibacterial vaccines.

U.N. contemplates ban on vaccine preservative

Concerns about a vaccine preservative long thought put to rest are roaring back to life as a United Nations program considers a worldwide ban on the additive.

FDA approves GSK's quadrivalent flu vaccine

The FDA gave the OK to GlaxoSmithKline's new four-strain seasonal flu vaccine, which the company said will become available for the 2013-2014 flu season.

Combating HIV: The future of therapeutic vaccines

HIV patients rely on a bevy of drugs to keep their illness under control, sticking to a strict regimen to maintain health. But let's face it: Adherence is a challenge and drug side effects can be rough. Enter HIV therapeutic vaccines. Read more >>

TB vaccine tested in infants of HIV-positive mothers

University of Cape Town's South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative and Stellenbosch's Desmond Tutu TB Centre are recruiting infants to test a new tuberculosis vaccine for newborns of HIV-positive moms, a demographic not served by the current vaccine.