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Gates Foundation funds tuberculosis vaccine research

Continuing a streak of donations to the field of vaccine research and biotech in general, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted $100,000 to an AgResearch scientist for research into a new tuberculosis vaccination method.

Scripps researchers develop methamphetamine vaccine

A team of scientists at the Scripps Research Institute saw promising results in a study of a vaccine against methamphetamine. With more than 430,000 users nationwide, methamphetamine has become one of the most common recreational drugs in the U.S.

HIV vaccine shows significant immunity boost in human trials

Good news out of Canada in the search for an HIV vaccine: Scientists announced a vaccine candidate showed no adverse effects and significantly boosted immunity in human trials.

BiondVax, MonoSol Rx develop oral universal flu vaccine

BiondVax and MonoSol Rx have joined forces to develop an oral delivery system for the universal flu vaccine M-001.

PsiOxus lands $2.7M for ovarian cancer vaccine trial

PsiOxus Therapeutics nabbed £1.7 million ($2.7 million) from the U.K. government-backed Biomedical Catalyst to start a Phase I/II clinical trial of its cancer vaccine.

Health officials clash over whether to scrap malaria program

Health officials have clashed over the effectiveness of a pricey malaria program intended to provide cheap drugs for poor patients.

Mumps vaccine succumbs to face-to-face contact

A recent study shows close, repeated contact with a person with mumps can overwhelm the mumps vaccine.

In search of a lasting flu vaccine

Every flu season, doctors and pharmacists must stock up on the latest influenza vaccine to offer patients. Unlike other vaccines that provide decades worth of protection, the flu vaccine needs to be administered every year. But researchers are looking to change this.

U.K.'s HPA lands $6.4M for anthrax vaccine research

The U.S. government doled out a contract worth £4 million ($6.4 million) to the U.K.'s Health Protection Agency to develop a next-generation anthrax vaccine. The project will be valued at £14 million ($22.6 million) if all milestones are met.

Study: Flu vaccine protects against heart attacks

A new study shows the influenza vaccine protects against more than just the flu--it defends against heart attacks.