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Sanofi reports positive results with Fluzone intradermal

Sanofi Pasteur this week reported the results of a Phase III clinical trial comparing its investigational Fluzone intradermal candidate with Fluzone administered by the traditional intramuscular

Vax panel votes to add meningitis booster dose

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted 6-5 Wednesday to add a booster dose of the meningitis vaccine at age 16. Reuters notes that health officials want to address waning

Sinovac cuts full-year revenue forecast

Sinovac Biotech shares fell 10 percent Monday, a day after the vaccine manufacturer cut its full-year revenue forecast for the second time, citing continued weakness in Chinese demand for vaccines.

Study: Cell culture-derived flu vax appears as effective as egg‐derived one

A flu vaccine made using dog kidney cells appears to be as safe and effective as one produced using chicken eggs--the traditional, albeit slower method, according to a study. The trial compared the

Australia accused of wasting millions on swine flu vax

Australia's Health Department has been accused of wasting millions of dollars on a vaccine in response to last year's swine flu pandemic. The government purchased 21 million doses of the H1N1 Panvax

Duke researchers to test mosaic HIV vax candidate

Duke University researchers are assembling an international team to design the first human trial of a mosaic HIV vaccine candidate. Unlike traditional HIV vaccines that are designed to stimulate the

Experts: 'Donor fatigue' possible if polio not eradicated

Although the world is close to eradicating polio, experts are concerned about the risk of failure, saying it could have consequences for confidence in health battles far beyond the disease. Bill

J&J hopes to boost vax business with Crucell buy

The world's largest diversified healthcare group Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday it will buy Dutch biotechnology firm Crucell for €1.75 billion ($2.4 billion)--a move that will help it

Celldex vax extends life of brain tumor patients in study

A new vaccine produced by Celldex Therapeutics--CDX-110--added to standard therapy appears to offer a survival advantage for patients suffering from glioblastoma, according to researchers at Duke

Withdrawn Sanofi Hep B vax continues to help kids

Children who received a Sanofi hepatitis B vaccine that was later taken off the market had a robust immunological memory against the virus five years later, according to researchers. Hexavac and