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Gates backs microneedle polio vaccine work

Georgia Institute of Technology's work on microneedle polio vaccinations will receive a financial boost from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. The

Researchers find two potential lupus vax treatments

After 5 decades without a new treatment, lupus patients got a reprieve in March with Human Genome Sciences' Benlysta. But doctors believe there are still better options down the pipeline for patients

PATH's Elias, Novartis' Mundel appointed to Gates Foundation positions

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been renowned for its dedication to public health and vaccine research; now it has added more talent to its roster with new heads for two of its three main

U.S. considers anthrax vaccine trials--for kids

The U.S. government for years has prepared for the threat of bioterrorism with a $1.1 billion stockpile of anthrax vaccine, which has been thoroughly tested with adults. Now the question is how to

Study: 40% of cancers stem from viruses

While the cancer-virus link is nothing new, researchers previously believed only 20% of cancers were virus-caused. Now a new study has found that up to 40% of cancers could originate in a viral

Drug has unexpected promise as HIV vaccine

When scientists first started using cyclodextrin in meds as an emulsifier and cinical trials as a control, there were no therapeutic benefit. But after one trial showed the drug could be a therapy

HepB vax Heplisav posts positive Ph3 data

Dynavax ($DVAX), which is based in Berkeley, CA, released a new round of Phase III data on its hepatitis B vaccine, Heplisav. The data focused on specific hypo-responsive groups--males, smokers and

Coridon HSV-2 vaccine shows 100% efficacy

Brisbane, Australia-based biotech Coridon has developed a DNA vaccine for herpes simplex virus 2 that showed 100% efficacy in a preclinical trial. Thanks to financial backing from Allied Healthcare

Addiction vaccines face added funding hurdles

As vaccine targets expand beyond communicable diseases, the New York Times notes that vaccines could hold promise for millions who suffer from addiction. While none have been approved, the potential

Gardasil bests Cervarix in cost effectiveness battle

According to a study published on the British Medical Journal's website, Merck's ($MRK) and Sanofi's ($SNY) HPV vaccine Gardasil is more cost effective than GlaxoSmithKline's ($GSK) Cervarix. In the