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John D. Carroll, Editor-in-Chief

John D. Carroll is a biotech analyst with 34 years of prize-winning experience in journalism. Appointed editor of FierceBiotech in 2003, he has covered genomics, biotechnology, healthcare and other business topics for Managed Care, American Banker, Small Times, and Local, He has also contributed stories from Central America and Ireland to the Dallas Morning News and Time and wrote for the Houston Press and other leading publications. He spent six years as editor and publisher of the Dallas Business Journal, was publisher of Texas Business and early in his career was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team of reporters and editors at the Kansas City Star & Times. He enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with his family. Carroll is based in Vermont and Texas and can be reached at Follow @JohnCFierce on Twitter.

Articles by John Carroll

Gates Foundation grants help fuel vaccine projects

Researchers at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Germany know that pollen can penetrate skin through hair follicles. Now they want to see if they can make nanoparticles that can do the

New Novartis vaccine guards mice against E. coli

After mapping the gene for the E. coli bacterium, researchers for Novartis believe that they have found the key elements needed to create a vaccine that can protect people from all the bacterial

Hunt for the next big cancer vaccine fraught with peril

After Dendreon won a historic approval a week ago for Provenge, the world's first therapeutic cancer vaccine, a host of developers started to flag their own therapeutic vaccine programs. But in the

New study highlights an unexplored HIV vax path

Using a computer model, researchers have been able to identify the unique genetic profile of people most likely to carry highly reactive sets of T cells, which makes them part an elite group of

Medicago makes a case for revolutionizing vaccine production

The recent swine flu pandemic turned out to be considerably milder than first anticipated, but it turned a blinding light on the time it still takes to get a new vaccine approved and in production.

Merck ramping up Durham vax campus, plans new lab

While Merck has been cutting down on its workforce following its mega-merger with Schering-Plough, the Big Pharma company has been steadily ramping up its vaccine operations in Durham, NC. Payroll at

Novavax reports mild response in PhII seasonal flu trial

Shares of Novavax were buoyed slightly by the news that its mid-stage trial of a closely-watched seasonal flu vaccine demonstrated significant immunogenicity against one of three flu strains among

H1N1 vax monitoring flags potential risks

The CDC says that their monitoring programs have uncovered a very small increased risk for Guillain-Barre syndrome, Bell's palsy and thrombocytopenia among people who were injected with the H1N1

Dendreon plays waiting game as Provenge deadline looms

Sometime by the end of tomorrow, the FDA should deliver its final decision on Dendreon's (NASDAQ: DNDN) Provenge, a potential breakthrough therapeutic cancer vaccine. (The official deadline is on

AFFiRiS readies Alzheimer's vax for PhII study

Austria's AFFiRiS AG is moving its lead Alzheimer's vaccine into a Phase II study that will test just how valuable the GlaxoSmithKline-partnered therapy is against a primary target in the fight