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AIDS vaccine failures trigger 'Goldilocks' analogy

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researchers think the inability to find an effective AIDS vaccine may come down to not finding the right virus strain to make one.

Whooping cough vaccine needs booster, scientists say

With about 26,000 new cases of pertussis recorded so far this year, 2012 has marked the largest outbreak of the disease in the past 50 years, and scientists say more research is needed to find a better vaccine.

Potential allergy cure is just under the skin

Seasonal allergies may not be fatal, but are nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately, British researchers think their potential vaccine could be a cheaper and more efficient way to combat hay fever than traditional therapies already on the market.

HHS awards flu antigen contract to CSL

CSL will manufacture and store antigens that can be used against influenza strains with pandemic potential.

WHO injects Prevnar 13 with adult prequalification status

Prevnar 13 is the first and only pneumococcal vaccine to be granted WHO prequalification for adults.

Sanofi's dengue vaccine falters in clinical trial

Lackluster results from a recent clinical trial has cast doubts on Sanofi's dengue fever vaccine, not to mention the Big Pharma's future sales expectations.

Public sector picks up drug and vaccine development again

In a post-9/11 world, fears over pandemics and bioterrorism have renewed drug and vaccine development in the public sector, as national governments funnel research toward combating infectious diseases, like anthrax.

University of Oklahoma advances work on West Nile vaccine

In Oklahoma, one of the states hit worst by the West Nile virus this year, researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center are working on a vaccine, and the findings have been promising so far.

Herd immunity halts cholera in unvaccinated population in Zanzibar, study shows

On the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, some individuals may not even need a vaccine to protect them against cholera. Research shows herd immunity has helped guard against the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

ImmusanT launches U.S. trial for celiac vax

Riding the wave of a successful Phase I trial down under and $20 million in VC funding, Massachusetts biotech ImmusanT has launched a clinical trial in the U.S. for Nexvax2, its experimental vaccine to treat celiac disease.