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Nick Taylor, UK Correspondent

Nick Taylor is a freelance journalist with more than six years' experience of reporting on the global biopharma industry. Since graduating with a biology degree from the University of York, Nick has written for numerous healthcare publications, including Nature BioPharma Dealmakers, Life Science Leader and Outsourcing-Pharma. You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @NickPaulTaylor.

Articles by Nick Paul Taylor

Dendreon to lay off more staff as Provenge disappoints. Again

In the latest round of layoffs, Dendron plans to save $125 million in operating expenses by cutting its headcount by 15%. Around 150 full-time employees are set to lose their jobs over the next nine months as Dendreon cuts its R&D and marketing budgets in a bid to achieve profitability.

Polio outbreak sparks fears refugees will carry virus to Europe

When the number of Syrians fleeing their war-torn state to live in neighboring countries topped two million, the United Nations refugee head called the situation a "humanitarian calamity." Now it is getting worse, with the potential for the refugees to carry polio across the Middle East and Europe causing alarm.

Novartis to sell first piece of vaccine unit in $1.7B deal

Expectations that Novartis will sell off its vaccine and diagnostic unit have ratcheted up in recent months, with management becoming receptive to the idea after seeing the business post operating losses in each of the past three years. Now, the long-anticipated breakup of the business has begun.

Agenus, Sanofi-NIH collaboration race to develop genital herpes vaccine

Agenus and a Sanofi-NIH collaboration both gave updates on their genital herpes vaccine candidates this week. The Agenus vaccine, HerpV, is leading the race, having met its primary endpoint in a Phase II trial of 80 subjects, 70 of whom received the treatment.

Shipping snafu prompts Navy review of vaccination procedures

Navy sailors may have received ineffective vaccines because of a failure to keep the products at the right temperature, Navy Times reports.

WHO massively scales up Middle East polio immunization plan

The polio outbreak in Syria has the World Health Organization worried. Just weeks after outlining a two-month, 10-million dose vaccination campaign, the United Nations' public health arm has escalated its plans. The new goal is to vaccinate 50 million kids across the Middle East over the next 8 months.

European scientists join Sanofi, Pfizer in C. diff vaccine race

With Sanofi having already begun enrollment for its 15,000-person Phase III trial, the French company has a clear lead in the race to develop a Clostridium difficile vaccine, but a growing pack is in pursuit. The latest to give chase is a group of European scientists with a new angle--they are developing an oral vaccine.

Study finds one HPV vaccine dose gives strong, durable immune response

While half of U.S. teenage girls receive one dose of human papillomavirus vaccine, far fewer come back to complete the regimen. What is less clear is whether one dose offers any protection, but a new study offers some hope.

Takeda, Boehringer invest to move CMV vaccine into clinic

Having ticked candidates to protect against respiratory syncytial virus, dengue and norovirus off its list of areas of interest as part of its plans to establish a global vaccine business, Takeda has invested in another stated target: cytomegalovirus.

Merck readies FDA submission for son of Gardasil

A competitor is threatening to chip away at sales of Merck's human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil. Fortunately for Merck, it is the company developing the rival.