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Pfizer points to pandemic potential of Prevnar 13

In pandemic flu preparation, a lot of focus is placed on protecting against the specific viral strain. Yet analysis of the 1918 pandemic shows secondary bacterial pneumonia directly caused many of the deaths. This brings Pfizer's Prevnar 13 into play, and the Big Pharma is talking up its role.

Old whooping cough vax linked with better protection

Any medication involves a balancing of risk and benefit. In areas where there is an unmet need, a little more risk might be acceptable. But the waters get muddy when two treatments, one offering better results but greater risks, are available for patients.

Taliban drops campaign against polio vaccine

When scientists set a 2018 target for eradicating polio last month, fresh memories of the violence against vaccinators offset the optimism. Short, low-profile campaigns--almost guerilla-like--were proposed as the safest way to vaccinate. Now the situation in Afghanistan might be improving.

Human-to-human coronavirus spread looks likely

The coronavirus that has killed 18 people appears capable of human-to-human transmission, the WHO reports.

Novartis taps synthetic biology to speed vax development

The agenda for the mammalian synthetic biology workshop held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last weekend demonstrates that renewed interest in vaccines has opened up new therapeutic targets, which in turn has driven new approaches to manufacturing. And the threats of pandemic flu and bioterrorism have acted as an extra innovation driver.

Indian rotavirus vax set to undercut GSK and Merck

Having committed to offering its rotavirus vaccine--Rotavac--for $1 a dose in 2011, Indian vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech has now presented positive Phase III data that compares favorably to currently available rotavirus vaccines.

Media reports used to track global vaccine backlash

New data has been published analyzing one year's worth of media reports--more than 10,000 pieces from 144 countries--to get a sense of where negative vaccine views were most prevalent.

Cash injection raises hopes of diabetes vaccine

An alliance between supermarket chain Tesco and charity Diabetes UK has brought renewed optimism in the pursuit of a vaccine for Type 1 diabetes.

GSK, Merck agree on HPV vax discount with GAVI

Social issues have held back uptake of GlaxoSmithKline and Merck human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines in the U.S., but globally the problem is more fundamental--the shots cost too much. It is these low-income countries--where 85% of cervical cancer cases occur--that need the vaccines most though.

Heroin vaccine keeps rats clean

Scripps researchers have reported encouraging results for a heroin vaccine in rats.