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Pfizer's Prevnar 13, GSK's Synflorix pump up vaccination cost

BIO and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations warn that more funding is needed to maintain current immunization rates while adding new vaccines to programs.

No link between vaccines and Guillain-Barré in big study

Alleged links between vaccines and the nerve-degenerative disorder Guillain-Barré are among vaccine safety fears. A new study shows that any link between them is not strong enough to outweigh the benefits of vaccines.

Panacea Biotec accused of selling expired vaccines

India's government wants the country to become the world's preeminent low-cost vaccine supplier, but it will first have to overcome problems of its own making.

Vaccine choices swayed by social networks

A U.S. study has shown the importance of people's social networks in vaccination choices, with the presence of anti-immunization friends correlating with parents deciding against giving shots.

India's Biological E pentavalent vaccine takes on GSK, J&J

The rise of vaccine manufacturers in emerging markets, particularly India, has helped depress the cost of immunization in recent years. Indian suppliers have rolled out vaccines at significant discounts and Western manufacturers have followed suit, slashing prices in poorer countries.

H7N9 cases jump, some show resistance to Roche's Tamiflu

The arms race analogy for vaccines is rarely more apt than during a pandemic flu outbreak. Last week the U.S. touted a new, more streamlined approach to vaccine development. This week the virus raised the stakes with a surge of new cases that suggest it is adapting to human hosts.

ITS eyes Big Pharma suitors as universal flu vaccine advances

United Kingdom-based Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) showed data from a Phase IIa trial of its candidate, Flunisyn, at the World Vaccine Congress this week.

Polio eradication push nearing endgame again

A recent decline of polio cases has emboldened scientists to again set a target for eradication of polio. More than 400 scientists from 80 countries have signed up in support of a plan to end polio by 2018.

Vaccine campaign struggling to contain measles outbreak

Vaccines are among the most proactive of health interventions, with children being protected against viruses they might one day encounter. Yet every now and then vaccination campaigns are forced to be reactive.

China expects H7N9 vaccine in 7 months

China officially began a H7N9 research project this week and expects to have a vaccine ready in 7 months.