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Nick Taylor, UK Correspondent

Nick Taylor is a freelance journalist with more than six years' experience of reporting on the global biopharma industry. Since graduating with a biology degree from the University of York, Nick has written for numerous healthcare publications, including Nature BioPharma Dealmakers, Life Science Leader and Outsourcing-Pharma. You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @NickPaulTaylor.

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WHO reports success in distributing vaccines at ambient temperatures

Meningitis A vaccine MenAfriVac has already made its mark on world health, with its nontraditional development model and subsequent success in reducing disease making headlines. Now the World Health Organization is trying to maximize its use by freeing the vaccine from the need to be constantly refrigerated during transport and storage.

Novartis' Bexsero sparks debate about transatlantic vaccine approvals

While the meningitis B outbreak has died down, the debate it stirred up continues. This week researchers at the Manhattan Institute weighed in with their opinion: If a vaccine is good enough for Europe, it is good enough for the U.S..

Dynavax's hep B vaccine plans derailed by European request for extra safety data

Last week research firm GlobalData tipped the hepatitis B vaccine market to top $1 billion by 2022, with sales of Sanofi's Hexyon driving the sector's modest growth. Dynavax hopes to claim a slice of the market too, but its hepatitis B vaccine received another blow this week.

Global measles deaths have dropped 78% since 2000

Since 2000, the Measles & Rubella Initiative has vaccinated 1 billion children in mass immunization campaigns.

Crowdfunded HIV vaccine project draws criticism from scientists

Crowdfunded HIV vaccine developer Immunity Project has gained traction over the past few months, with technology incubator Y Combinator's investment in the initiative sparking mainstream media coverage. The investment raised Immunity Project's profile, but this has brought increased scrutiny of its plans. Not everyone likes what they see.

The President's Cancer Panel is pushing for increased use of Merck's and GSK's HPV vaccines

The reasons for low uptake of HPV vaccines have been well researched and widely discussed by academia and government agencies, yet this knowledge has done nothing to increase adoption. Now, the President's Cancer Panel has weighed in to give momentum to a public health campaign it views as a "profound opportunity" to prevent cancer.

CDC: Adult vaccination rates are still well below targets

The National Adult Vaccination Program and others have proposed strategies to raise the proportion of adults getting vaccinated against pneumococcal disease, shingles and hepatitis B, but the latest data shows little change in immunization rates.

The U.S. flu season is slowly winding down after hitting some states hard

The U.S. flu season has hit some states hard. California has already confirmed 202 influenza-related deaths--almost double the toll in the entire 2012-2013 flu season--and is investigating a further 41 cases. Now, though, there are signs the virus is letting up, with multiple influenza activity indicators in decline.

Quadrivalent flu vaccines drive surge in sales at AstraZeneca, GSK and Sanofi

Consumers faced an array of choices going into the current flu season, with quadrivalent vaccines being sold alongside high-dosage varieties and vaccines produced without eggs. Fourth-quarter results suggest people have taken up the new options, with sales at AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi soaring.

NIH leaders view HIV vaccine as essential to ending AIDS pandemic

While antiretroviral therapies and preventive measures have helped lessen the impact of HIV, leaders at the National Institutes of Health think a safe, moderately effective vaccine is still needed.