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Suzanne Elvidge has been involved in biopharma science and business publishing and journalism for over twenty years. She became the editor of FierceBiomarkers in November 2011, and has also written for FierceVaccines and FierceDrugDelivery. As a freelance writer she has written news and features for a range of online and print publications including European Life Science, the Journal of Life Sciences (now the Burrill Report), In Vivo, Life Science Leader, Nature Biotechnology, PR Week and Start-Up. She is also the editor of Genome Engineering, a blog that monitors the latest developments in genome engineering. She lives in the Peak District, in a very rural part of Derbyshire, U.K., with her second-hand bookseller husband and two second-hand cats. She can be reached at Follow @suzannewriter on Twitter.

Articles by Suzanne Elvidge

First U.S. cholera vax ready for PhIII

PaxVax's single-dose oral cholera vaccine has been cleared by the U.S. FDA to go into Phase III trials. The vaccine, known as PXVX-0200, is a live, attenuated vaccine and is already available in 6 countries.

MUC1 cancer vaccine starts in the clinic

Oncothyreon ($ONTY), which takes its name from the Greek words for 'tumor' and 'shield', has enrolled the first patient into its inaugural ONT-10 clinical trial.

World has huge unmet vaccine needs

While vaccines in some form or another have been used since the 16th century, there are still areas of unmet need. "The world still has no vaccine for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, and there's need for a better vaccine against influenza," as Australian Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty told The Times of India.

Hep C vaccine heads into further clinical trials

Hepatitis C virus infection is spread through the blood, and it can lead to liver cirrhosis and is the leading cause of liver cancer. Okairos, a spinout from Merck ($MRK), is starting a Phase I/II clinical trial for its preventive hepatitis C vaccine for people at risk of infection, which it says is the first multi-center, double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of a vaccine to prevent HCV infection.

GeoVax steps closer to HIV prevention

To be really effective in people at a high risk of infection, an HIV vaccine needs to protect against not just one exposure but many, and recent research from GeoVax ($GOVX) might bring this ideal type of protection a step closer.

In the clinic, Inovio's HIV vaccine treats as well as prevents

Inovio's HIV vaccine has triggered significant immune responses against a number of HIV antigens in a therapeutic clinical trial presented at the Vaccine World Summit 2012 in Hyderabad, India.

Could a vaccine crack cocaine abuse?

Immunovaccine has hooked up with Weill Cornell Medical College to combine the college's anti-cocaine vaccine with its DepoVax adjuvant platform, pushing up Immunovaccine's shares by 12.5%.

Hand, foot and mouth vaccine triggers 100% immune response

Hand, foot and mouth is a viral infection caused by a number of viruses, including the human enterovirus 71. Generally, it's just thought of as a mild infection that every now and then sweeps child care facilities and kindergartens, but it can be more sinister, and Inviragen has released some topline data from a Phase I trial showing an immune response from everyone receiving the vaccine.

Navy moves dengue fever vaccine into clinical trials

The Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) has started a Phase I trial of its dengue virus vaccine, developed in collaboration with Vical.

Microneedles trigger better responses to flu vaccine

Recent research suggests that injecting vaccines just under the skin gets a better immune response, but how to get the vaccine to just the right spot? Research from Georgia shows that microneedle patches could be just the approach by looking at the way the immune system responds.