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Suzanne Elvidge has been involved in biopharma science and business publishing and journalism for over twenty years. She became the editor of FierceBiomarkers in November 2011, and has also written for FierceVaccines and FierceDrugDelivery. As a freelance writer she has written news and features for a range of online and print publications including European Life Science, the Journal of Life Sciences (now the Burrill Report), In Vivo, Life Science Leader, Nature Biotechnology, PR Week and Start-Up. She is also the editor of Genome Engineering, a blog that monitors the latest developments in genome engineering. She lives in the Peak District, in a very rural part of Derbyshire, U.K., with her second-hand bookseller husband and two second-hand cats. She can be reached at Follow @suzannewriter on Twitter.

Articles by Suzanne Elvidge

VaxInnate bird flu shot flies into Phase I

VaxInnate's VAX161, the company's vaccine in development to protect against a bird flu pandemic, has moved into Phase I trials.

GeoVax: Meeting the HIV vaccine challenge

"The development of HIV vaccines has been slow, because the research community had to determine what genetic material would trigger both an antibody and a T cell response. Many times you need to find out what doesn't work first, but the research is now speeding up," says Robert McNally, Ph.D., president and CEO of GeoVax, in an interview with FierceVaccines.

NewLink Genetics takes the stage at ASCO

NewLink Genetics presented updates on its cancer vaccines, HyperAcute Pancreas (algenpantucel-L) and HyperAcute Lung (tergenpumatucel-L), at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2012 Annual Meeting.

Vax, hormone combo could up efficacy in prostate cancer

Prostate cancer could affect as many as one in 6 men during their lifetime, according to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and for some their cancers recur and become hormone-resistant. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the National Cancer Institute have hooked up to see if combining a vaccine and hormone treatment will improve the response.

Mapping the way to a Candida vaccine

Researchers at the Alberta Glycomics Centre, University of Alberta, have developed a technique to map the structure of Candida albicans, using nuclear magnetic resonance.

Affiris' Parkinson's therapeutic vax starts clinical trials

Parkinson's disease is an incurable disorder that affects the brain and nervous system, leading to problems with movement and cognition. Available treatments help the symptoms but do not slow the progression of the disease; however, a therapeutic vaccine that has begun clinical trials with developer AFFiRiS could modify the disease process itself.

Polynoma's melanoma vax pushes into late-stage clinical trials

Polynoma has started a Phase III trial of its therapeutic melanoma vaccine, POL-103A, following approval from the FDA in January 2012. The trial, known as the Melanoma Antigen Vaccine Immunotherapy Study (MAVIS), will involve 1,059 patients in 14 countries across the U.S. and Europe who have Stage IIb, IIc or III melanoma and who have had surgery.

PCP vaccine close to clinical trials

MiniVax, a vaccine developer based in New Orleans, has developed a DNA vaccine based on a fragment of a Pneumocystis protein, kexin, that has potential to prevent pneumonia. The fragment, code-named mini-Kexin by the company, is the same across a number of different species of the fungus.

Merck's RotaTeq will be saving lives in Rwanda

Rwanda's government has launched a national rotavirus vaccination program using Merck's RotaTeq oral rotavirus vaccine. The program will include all infants in the country, meaning that over 100,000 children will get the vaccine before the end of 2012.

Bionor's new HIV vaccine moves into clinical trials

Bionor's latest HIV vaccine, Vacc-C5, is ready to go into therapeutic clinical trials at Oslo University Hospital.