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Suzanne Elvidge has been involved in biopharma science and business publishing and journalism for over twenty years. She became the editor of FierceBiomarkers in November 2011, and has also written for FierceVaccines and FierceDrugDelivery. As a freelance writer she has written news and features for a range of online and print publications including European Life Science, the Journal of Life Sciences (now the Burrill Report), In Vivo, Life Science Leader, Nature Biotechnology, PR Week and Start-Up. She is also the editor of Genome Engineering, a blog that monitors the latest developments in genome engineering. She lives in the Peak District, in a very rural part of Derbyshire, U.K., with her second-hand bookseller husband and two second-hand cats. She can be reached at Follow @suzannewriter on Twitter.

Articles by Suzanne Elvidge

Flu shot cuts preterm births

Most women are careful about what drugs they take or what treatments they have while they are pregnant, but the H1N1 swine flu shot given during pregnancy seems to have an added bonus: a lower risk of stillbirths or premature births, and a lower number of very small babies born.

Carbohydrate, vaccine combination could push melanoma immunotherapy forward

Galectin Therapeutics has started treating patients with advanced disease in a Phase I/II trial to see if combining its galectin inhibitor GM-CT-01 with a peptide-based cancer vaccine developed at the Ludwig institute improves the outcome of patients with advanced metastatic melanoma.

Inovio makes steps toward a universal flu vax

Inovio Pharmaceuticals thinks it is a step closer to the prize with a universal avian flu vax that has triggered protective responses against 6 h5N1 virus in one go in a Phase I clinical trial.

Biovest makes a move on the EU market with BiovaxID

Biovest International's stock has risen by 15% on two pieces of news about its personalized cancer vaccine for the treatment of follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, BiovaxID.

Nasal HIV vax safe, triggers immune response

The therapeutic HIV vaccine that the company nearly shelved in October 2011, Bionor's Vacc-4X, was safe given nasally to HIV-positive patients also on antiretrovirals.

Researchers engineer edible malaria vaccine

Subunit vaccines can be expensive and complicated to produce, and this is a problem when an infectious disease is common a low-income countries. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are working on using algae to produce a vaccine at a low cost and in large amounts that blocks the transmission of malaria.

Existing drugs boost new cancer vax responses

Cancer vaccines are becoming an increasingly attractive focus of study, but there are still perils and pitfalls along the way to success. Two recent studies have looked at ways to get around these, focusing on experimental cancer vaccines boosted by existing drugs.

MMR and autism: Italy's courts get involved

An Italian health news website seems to have reported that an Italian court has ruled that an MMR vaccine caused autism in a child.

First 'cross-kingdom' vax effective in PhI

NovaDigm Therapeutics is developing a vaccine that could work against both bacteria and fungi, and could even combat resistant bacteria such as MRSA. The company presented Phase I results at the 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research.

Study: Further insight into Merck HIV vax infection increase

A recent study published in the Journal of Infectious Disease confirmed that a vaccine study halted in 2007 showed an increased risk of infection in the first 18 months for subgroups of the men who were vaccinated, but that this difference disappeared after 18 months.