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Combating HIV: The future of therapeutic vaccines

HIV patients rely on a bevy of drugs to keep their illness under control, sticking to a strict regimen to maintain health. But let's face it: Adherence is a challenge and drug side effects can be rough. Enter HIV therapeutic vaccines. Read more >>

10 promising therapeutic vaccines in 2012

This FierceVaccines special report spotlights 10 promising therapeutic vaccines on their way through clinical development that might just change the face of cancer treatment. Many of them are in the early steps of R&D, so it may be a while, especially for those that are first-in-class, or that are bringing a new technology to the table, but they could be the first baby steps to a brave new world. Click here to check out the full report >>

The 20 top-selling vaccines in H1 2012

As H1 came to a close, FierceVaccines decided to take a look at which prophylactic vaccines flew off the shelves--and which companies made the sales. Take a look at the full list >>

GeoVax: Meeting the HIV vaccine challenge

"The development of HIV vaccines has been slow, because the research community had to determine what genetic material would trigger both an antibody and a T cell response. Many times you need to find out what doesn't work first, but the research is now speeding up," says Robert McNally, Ph.D., president and CEO of GeoVax, in an interview with FierceVaccines.

Wishing you a happy HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

I want to wish you a belated happy HIV Vaccine Awareness Day for 18 May from FierceVaccines and share with you part of a statement from Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

MMR and autism: Italy's courts get involved

An Italian health news website seems to have reported that an Italian court has ruled that an MMR vaccine caused autism in a child.

Celebrating vaccines: World Immunization Week 2012

The World Health Organization has declared this week to be World Immunization Week.

UPDATED: Intellect Neurosciences chases holy grail of Alzheimer's: a preventive vaccine

What's the focus of Alzheimer's disease vaccine research? Dr. Daniel Chain, Intellect Neurosciences' chairman and CEO, gave FierceVaccines his thoughts.

Check out the new and improved FierceVaccines website

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World has huge unmet vaccine needs

While vaccines in some form or another have been used since the 16th century, there are still areas of unmet need. "The world still has no vaccine for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, and there's need for a better vaccine against influenza," as Australian Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty told The Times of India.