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Universal vaccine could cut flu across the whole community

Many vaccines do more than just protect individual vaccinated people. They also protect the whole community through what is known as "herd immunity" by cutting the number of sick people...

UPDATED: Vaccines mean that India celebrates its first year free of polio

Through a huge and coordinated vaccination campaign that included vaccinators going house to house and visiting even the most remote populations, India has just celebrated its first ever year of...

FierceVaccines takes a holiday

Over the last several weeks, FierceVaccines has been working with data provided by Kalorama Information to take a closer look at what biopharma's pipeline holds for the future of the vaccine

Looking forward to 2010

This past year marks a real watershed for the global vaccine industry. Hit with the first pandemic in more than 40 years, the big manufacturers worked around the clock to develop a new vaccine for

Vaccine market trends, 2009 predictions

With the Phacilitate Vaccines Forum taking place in our backyard, FierceVaccines decided we had to check it out. We talked to you and your industry counterparts to get your opinions on growing trends