GAO: Big delays in pandemic vaccine access

The GAO says that a pandemic vaccine can offer little help during the crucial initial stages of an outbreak. The Department of Health and Human Services has estimated that it would take 20 to 23

Wisconsin researchers make ebola breakthrough

Researchers have made a key breakthrough in the quest to discover a vaccine or therapy to cure the deadly ebola virus. A team of scientists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison knew that

SPOTLIGHT: European agency endorses HPV vaccines

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has provided a key endorsement of cervical cancer vaccines to prevent cancer. Its approval is likely to influence the policies of a long lineup

ALSO NOTED: Canadians recommend rotavirus jab; Vaccine developer on the auction block; and much more...

Vaccine Market > Canadian scientists are recommending that parents get rotavirus vaccine shots for their babies to ward off a disease that triggers severe diarrhea and vomiting. Cost-effectiveness

Gates backs vaccine tech for developing countries

PATH is using a $39 million grant from the Gates Foundation to help developing

PATH, Intercell collaborate on adjuvant research

PATH is funding new research at Austria's Intercell into its adjuvant IC31 in combination with recombinant malaria antigen from the National Institutes of Health to determine its effectiveness

Biologist calls for campaign to stop rabies

If the world could eradicate a disease so terrible that human victims often claw off their own skin, retch so violently they tear their throats, and finally go mad--should it? Evolutionary biologist

Bird flu spurs call for vaccination program

The conclusion that a mute swan died after it was probably infected with the avian flu virus has spurred renewed calls for a national campaign to vaccinate all free range, organic and hobby birds in

SPOTLIGHT: Fast growth for vaccine market

RNCOS estimates that the global vaccines market should hit $21 billion by 2010. Analysts say that the vaccine market has been growing at a much faster clip than pharma in general.

ALSO NOTED: French prefer Gardasil; Yellow fever cases spur demand for vaccinations; Juvaris testing adjuvant;and much more...

Vaccine Market France's health authority is recommending Gardasil over Cervarix, a victory for a drug that has yet to be approved in the U.S.

Universal flu vaccine shows early promise

Acambis has stirred a significant amount of buzz with some early-stage human data demonstrating the effectiveness of its universal flu vaccine. In the trial, nine out of 10 people developed

Study rejects thimerosal as cause of autism

A new study appears to fully sever the alleged link between the mercury-containing thimerosal and autism. Rates of the neurological disorder continued to grow even after thimerosal was removed from

Novartis meningitis vaccine delivers positive data

A new type of meningococcal vaccine proved effective in combating four strains of the disease in all age groups, leading researchers to believe that they may be onto the first such vaccine that can

Hawaii Biotech moves West Nile vaccine into clinic

Hawaii Biotech has passed a key milestone in its development, winning approval to begin a small human trial of its experimental vaccine to combat West Nile disease. Hawaii Biotech says that the FDA

SPOTLIGHT: Booming vaccine biz boosts Sanofi income

Sanofi-Aventis says that the booming vaccine market will boost its income from the sector to 15 percent of its annual revenue in coming years, up from 10 percent.

ALSO NOTED: Gardasil jabs can be painful; New generation of addiction vaccines in the lab; Researchers study vaccine for cat al

Vaccine Market The increasing use of Gardasil has triggered widespread reports of pain and fainting among the girls receiving the jab. Merck explains that the virus-like particles in the vaccine are

Will market-based approach spur new vaccines?

Everyone from Bill Gates to the Pope is advocating a new market-based approach to spurring development of new vaccines. In theory, governments would agree to buy new vaccines if they achieve certain

Crucell forges vaccine pact with Sanofi

The Dutch biotech Crucell will pocket a €10 million up front payment and up to €66.5 million in milestone payments after forging a collaboration and marketing deal with Sanofi Pasteur for

Vaccine developers scrambling bacterial 'chatter'

Until recently, we didn't know that bacteria are social critters. They lurk in small groups in the body, just like cliques at an unsuccessful cocktail party. Only when the place is crowded do they

Cocaine vaccine prevents drug from reaching brain

Scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine are developing a novel cocaine vaccine that can prevent users from feeling the addictive high they would normally get from the drug. One of the challenges
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