Out with old, in with new smallpox vaccine

With a new smallpox vaccine accumulating in federal stockpiles, the U.S. government is disposing of millions of doses of Dryvax, the old smallpox vaccine that relies on skin scrapings from infected

Whistleblowers allege problems with Wyeth's Prevnar

Two former Wyeth workers continue to cause controversy for Wyeth's blockbuster vaccine Prevnar. Wyeth disclosed recently that the workers' whistleblower suits accused the company of making false

SPOTLIGHT: Is the ricin vaccine program too expensive?

The Salt Lake Tribune examines the controversy over the long and expensive federal program for developing a vaccine to guard against a ricin attack.

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Vaccine Market North Carolina is now requiring school-age children to be vaccinated against the mumps and whooping cough. Report Shortly

Novartis opens non-profit R&D vaccine center

One of the world's biggest pharma companies is breaking its business mold for its new R&D center for vaccines. Novartis is modeling its new vaccine development center in Italy on the Novartis

Novartis to offer data on pre-pandemic jabs

Novartis hasn't given up in its pursuit of profits. The Swiss company has been making an argument for use of its experimental flu vaccine ahead of any potential outbreak. Vaccines chief Jörg

GSK's secret vaccine adjuvant draws attention

GlaxoSmithKline's success advancing two pandemic vaccines--Prepandrix and Pandemrix--relies on a secret formula that drives efficacy of a low antigen dose in these adjuvated products. According to

CDC recommends flu jab for children up to 18

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice has greatly expanded the population of people it's recommending for an annual flu shot. The group is urging parents to make sure everyone aged six

SPOTLIGHT: Market expands for infectious diseases

An increasing amount of global travel has caused several infectious diseases, such as Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus, to surface in developed countries after largely being restricted to

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Vaccine Market Argentines began lining up for vaccinations to protect them from an outbreak of yellow fever in the north of the country, Paraguay and Brazil. The World Health Organization, though, is

GSK's Rotarix wins FDA committee backing

An FDA advisory panel agreed Wednesday that GlaxoSmithKline's Rotarix vaccine was safe and effective, recommending the anti-rotavirus shot for agency approval. Rotarix is designed to help protect

Nobel winner won't give up on elusive HIV vaccine

A Nobel Prize-winning biologist says that researchers are no closer to developing a vaccine against HIV than they were 20 years ago, when the scientific quest began. The key challenge to the virus,

Can a vaccine control high blood pressure?

The Chicago Sun-Times profiles Cytos' work on a new blood pressure vaccine. Just like new development work being done on vaccines for cancer, asthma and psoriasis, the trick is to identify a protein

Flu jab missing the mark in seasonal campaign

There's growing evidence around the U.S. that the flu jab offers only marginal protection against the seasonal ailment. In Texas, doctors say this year's flu vaccine guarded against less than 30

SPOTLIGHT: Advaxis vaccine demonstrates potential

Advaxis says it is developing a vaccine that could be effective in combating cervical cancer. The company says that its vaccine has proven safe in women with advanced cervical cancer in a small

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Vaccine Market Royalties earned on Gardasil sales have propelled earnings at Australia's CSL. Earnings for the six months ended Dec. 31 jumped 36 percent.

Iomai vax patch guards against traveler's diarrhea

Iomai is touting the results of a mid-stage study of its vaccine patch for traveler's diarrhea. Iomai researchers say that the patch delivered a robust immune response among the 160 volunteers in the

Booming vaccine biz swells Sanofi's revenue

A sign of the times? When Sanofi-Aventis presented its 2007 results earlier this week, it trumpeted the 14.5 percent sales growth in its vaccines group. That's more than double its pharma growth--and

Sanofi licenses technology for new TB vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur has struck a licensing deal with the Statens Serum Institut of Denmark covering the use of its technology for a new tuberculosis vaccine. The pact includes SSI's Intercell IC31

Vaccines miss their mark in seasonal flu campaign

Each year vaccine makers create a cocktail of antigens designed to stand guard against the various versions of the flu making the rounds in winter. But this year the CDC concludes that most of the