SPOTLIGHT: Booming vaccine biz boosts Sanofi income

Sanofi-Aventis says that the booming vaccine market will boost its income from the sector to 15 percent of its annual revenue in coming years, up from 10 percent.

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Vaccine Market The increasing use of Gardasil has triggered widespread reports of pain and fainting among the girls receiving the jab. Merck explains that the virus-like particles in the vaccine are

Will market-based approach spur new vaccines?

Everyone from Bill Gates to the Pope is advocating a new market-based approach to spurring development of new vaccines. In theory, governments would agree to buy new vaccines if they achieve certain

Crucell forges vaccine pact with Sanofi

The Dutch biotech Crucell will pocket a €10 million up front payment and up to €66.5 million in milestone payments after forging a collaboration and marketing deal with Sanofi Pasteur for

Vaccine developers scrambling bacterial 'chatter'

Until recently, we didn't know that bacteria are social critters. They lurk in small groups in the body, just like cliques at an unsuccessful cocktail party. Only when the place is crowded do they

Cocaine vaccine prevents drug from reaching brain

Scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine are developing a novel cocaine vaccine that can prevent users from feeling the addictive high they would normally get from the drug. One of the challenges

SPOTLIGHT: Analysts: Continued fast growth for vaccine industry

The vaccine market is revving up for a continued expansion over the next few years, according to new analysis by India's RNCOS. Looking at the global market for vaccines from 2007 to 2010, RNCOS

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Vaccine Trends A new study concludes that the number of vaccine-preventable cases in the U.S. has dropped to an all-time low, with hospitalizations and deaths plunging as well.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceVaccines

Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceVaccines. Every week, a team of writers will examine the people, trends and research projects making news in the vaccine field.

Gene-mapping unlocks new generation of vaccines

Researchers at Novartis have made significant headway using gene-mapping tools to develop

States ignoring call to plan emergency vaccine distribution

After being urged for years to blueprint plans for distributing emergency vaccines and drugs to deal with a potential pandemic, 13 states still aren't ready, according to the Trust for America's

Acambis takes aim at proof-of-concept vaccine trial

Taking aim at the leading cause of hospital-acquired diarrhea, Clostridium difficile, Acambis has completed its prep work for a proof-of-concept trial late next year. During Phase I testing involving

Human protective system disables HIV vaccines

Scientists from the University of Missouri and Imperial College London have found evidence suggesting why vaccines directed against the virus that causes AIDS and many cancers don't work. In research

SPOTLIGHT: Analysts ponder Cervarix delay

There's been a considerable number of post mortems on the FDA's decision to delay a decision on

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Editorial: The recent failure of Merck's experimental HIV vaccine was a major setback,