Scripps wins $30M for HIV research center

Scripps Research Institute has won a $30 million grant from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to create a new research center that will hunt for a new vaccine to guard against HIV. The IAVI

Emergent gets $404M vaccine contract

It seems that hardly a week goes by in which Emergent Biosolutions doesn't get a vaccine contract. This week it's a $404 million contract with the U.S. government to provide 14.5 million doses of

Emergent inks $29.7M anthrax vax contract

Emergent BioSolutions has inked a three-year, $29.7 million deal with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

CRO signs vaccine research deal; Novavax prepares IIa flu trial;

Vaccine Research The CRO Encorium has signed $6.2 million in new contracts to undertake new vaccine research work.

Allergy Therapeutics advances ragweed vax

Allergy Therapeutics was forced to halt its Phase III trial of its Pollinex Quattro ragweed vaccine, but researchers for the company say the data still demonstrates its effectiveness. The study had

Medicago gets big backer for tobacco vax

After quietly backing the small Canadian vaccine developer Medicago, the giant tobacco company Philip Morris has stepped up to grab a majority interest in the company. Philip Morris took 49.9 percent

Novartis: Data supports pre-pandemic vax campaign

Investigators are touting new data that shows Novartis' pre-pandemic flu vaccine Aflunov can deliver swift protection to people primed with the MF59-adjuvanted vaccine up to six years earlier. Those

Sanofi closes deal on Acambis

Sanofi-Aventis closes on its deal to buy Acambis today, but it's working hard to avoid losing the entrepreneurial spirit that attracted the French pharma company to the vaccine developer in the first

Crucell inks licensing deal; HPV vaccine requirement triggers protests;

Vaccine Research Crucell will pocket a $2.5 million upfront fee and up to $30 million in milestones after inking an exclusive licensing deal with North Carolina-based Talecris Biotherapeutics for an

Sanofi Pasteur begins melanoma vaccine trial

Sanofi pasteur is mounting a mid-stage trial involving 120 patients at 23 centers to test the efficacy of a new melanoma vaccine. The vaccine uses a modified canarypox virus containing the genes for

Transgene shares up on positive cancer vax data

Shares of France's Transgene jumped about 10 percent on Monday after new data from a Phase IIb trial of TG4010 demonstrated a survival benefit for non-small cell lung cancer patients. The French

Experimental vax targets aggressive tumors

A new vaccine that targets HER2-positive tumor cells was successful in eliminating tumors in laboratory animals. And researchers say that the vaccine may well stop cancer from reoccurring in women or

Vaccine expert's autism defense triggers reaction

When vaccine expert Paul Offit released his new book defending vaccines against the attacks of critics claiming a link to autism, he had a new security system installed at his house. Rates of autism

Australian wins prize for vaccine; 1918 epidemic may be key to preventing new outbreaks;

Vaccine Research Australia's Ian Frazer has won the $800,000 International Balzan Prize for his work developing a cervical cancer vaccine.

Proteins targeted in hunt for universal flu jab

Scientists at Oxford University are testing a new universal flu vaccine that targets the internal proteins of the virus, which change very little from one strain to the next. The Phase I trial

Despite concerns, vaccination rates still high

There's been quite an uproar this year over the supposed safety risks presented by vaccines and concerns that a number of parents are avoiding the jab to protect their children. But the CDC--which

Novartis' MenB vaccine protects infants

A fresh batch of trial data indicates that the Novartis Meningitis B vaccine protects infants six months and older against multiple strains of potentially deadly meningococcal B bacteria. More than

Research team finds key to MRSA vaccine

A team of top vaccine researchers say that the key to coming up with an effective vaccine to guard against MRSA has been found in the 'sticky glue' the bacteria produces to grow as a biofilm. Staph

Oxford researchers develop universal flu vax

Oxford University researchers have developed a universal flu vaccine using a potentially revolutionary approach. Traditional flu vaccines are designed to prompt an immune system response to proteins

Chicken pox vax effective, ignored; Merck launches mid-stage Staph vaccine trial;

Vaccine Research A bird flu vaccine derived from DNA extracted from strains of the virus triggered a strong immune reaction in mice after it was injected straight into their muscles.