Experts say allergies no reason to stop vaccinations

A new study from Johns Hopkins Children's Center says that with close monitoring and some standard precautions even children with known vaccine allergies can be vaccinated safely. Generally, there

What's stopping girls from getting the HPV jab?

The controversial HPV vaccine has been making only slow progress in the U.S. Despite the fact that half of all girls are exposed to the virus--and 4,000 die each year from the cancer that it

Analysts buoy Cell Genesys' hope for GVAX

Shares of Cell Genesys got hit hard last week after the company announced that it was

Study: No link between measles vaccine and autism

One of the biggest issues in the vaccine world is an underlying fear in the general population that a vaccination can trigger autism. Concerns about a link are driving large numbers of parents to

Chickenpox vax program a success

Reports of chickenpox have drastically declined as a result of the national vaccination program implemented in the 1990s. In a study published in the journal Pediatrics today, CDC researchers report

Waiver 'pockets' raise outbreak fears; Merck launches mid-stage Staph vaccine trial;

Vaccine Market In Oregon, public health officials have identified various communities in the state where there's a high number of parents opting out of the vaccines required for children. And the

Cell Genesys' cancer vax setback depresses field

Back in 2000, shares of Cell Genesys traded at more than $50 a share. Yesterday, the stock closed under $1 after plummeting more than 70 percent after its prostate cancer vaccine trial was halted due

Researchers test side effects of new smallpox vaccine

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are involved in a new study of an experimental smallpox vaccine being developed by Bavarian Nordic. Imvamune contains a non-replicating vaccinia virus which

Universal flu vax works in early-stage trial

VaxInnate's universal flu vaccine has produced positive results in an early stage trial at the University of Texas at Galveston. Researchers there said that VaxInnate's M2e universal vaccine

Novavax advances new bird flu vax

Novavax has taken a big step toward opening up a market for its new technology to manufacture a bird flu vaccine. Researchers at the company announced positive results from a new study of its avian

Advance in tobacco vaccine; officials fear measles outbreak in UK;

Vaccine Research Researchers at Stanford have found a way to grow a cancer vaccine in a tobacco plant. Report DelSite Biotechnologies has filed

Pfizer teams with Cytos to develop new vaccines

Further bolstering its ambitious vaccine program, Pfizer has teamed up with Cytos Biotechnology to develop, manufacture and commercialize vaccines for a defined number of human diseases. Cytos gains

1918 flu survivors' blood may hold key to better vax

Scientists were able to identify the antibodies that still circulate in the blood of survivors of the deadly 1918 flu outbreak and found that they still proved to be a potent antidote to the disease.

Critics accuse Merck of hyping cervical cancer risk

Just how important Gardasil has become to Merck's top line is underscored by a New York Times article analyzing the impact of what the pharma company calls "educational programs" and just about

Study examines cost-effectiveness of Gardasil

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine questions the cost-effectiveness of Gardasil in older women, saying that the payback is reduced by their increased exposure to the virus that causes

New strain of bird flu found; Panacea inks $35M vaccines deal;

Vaccine Research A new strain of bird flu has been discovered in Nigeria. Report BN ImmunoTherapeutics has forged a scientific

Nanotech hep B vaccine could revolutionize therapy

Scientists at the University of Michigan are moving closer to human trials of a new nanoemulsion hepatitis B vaccine that could revolutionize therapy in the third world. The nanoemulsion approach

Other pandemic threats are lurking in H9 virus

H5N1 isn't the only avian virus that threatens to trigger a pandemic. A group of virologists was able to make an H9 virus much more transmissible by changing a single chemical component in the

Woman's immune system may be key to HIV vax

An investigative team at Johns Hopkins has been studying a woman whose natural immunity has quelled the virus she was infected with 10 years ago. Researchers say that she is an 'elite suppressor:'

Vaccine cure for RA heads to human trial

A team of scientists at Newcastle University is preparing a small human trial to test a one-shot approach to curing rheumatoid arthritis with a vaccine devised from a patient's white blood cells. The