VaxGen faces possible liquidation after merger flops

The spectacularly unsuccessful VaxGen has called off an effort to

Ebola vaccines readied for first human trials

Researchers are pushing ahead with the first human trials of an ebola vaccine. Typical vaccines spark an antibody response against a threat. But with the lethal ebola, a successful vaccine has to

Cell Genesys pact highlights cancer vaccine value

Cell Genesys' $320 million partnership deal with Takeda for its

SPOTLIGHT: Novavax teams with GE on plants

Novavax plans to duplicate its Rockville, MD vaccine-making plant in a series of small plants scattered in developing nations, creating a ring of facilities that can produce vaccines to fight a bird

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Vaccine Markets Drug regulators in China have OK'd Sinovac's commercial production of a new H5N1 vaccine for humans following two years of trials.

Feds steering funds back to basic AIDS vax research

After trying and failing repeatedly to develop an AIDS vaccine, federal officials say they're going back to the drawing board to come up with some new ideas.

PharmAthene bids for big anthrax vaccine contract

PharmAthene is making a bid to develop a next-gen anthrax vaccine that can qualify for a $400 million government contract. The small Maryland developer is paying up to $40 million for a pair of

Individual investors buy into vaccination bond issue

Japanese investors have snapped up a $223 million bond program to fund vaccination campaigns in developing countries. The idea is that the investors' money will be used to pay for the upfront costs

Iomai gets boost in bird flu vaccine adjuvant study

In a Phase I/II trial, three out of every four people in a study of 500 people using an adjuvant patch developed by Iomai achieved a protective immune response after a single dose. That compares to

SPOTLIGHT: Autism link researcher faces charges

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and two colleagues will begin their defense today against charges they violated ethics guidelines in the U.K. while developing a 1998 paper that linked autism to vaccines. That

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Vaccine Market A group of 10,000 volunteers and health workers has eliminated polio in Somalia through an ambitious vaccination program. And workers say the experience could help officials eradicate

Vietnamese launch human trial of bird flu vaccine

A Vietnamese company is beginning a human trial of a new bird flu vaccine. Vabiotech, a subsidiary of Vietnam's National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, plans eight months of testing in a

Hong Kong flu epidemic spurs vaccination campaign

Hong Kong officials were quick to make sure that the recent deaths of several children in an influenza epidemic had no link to bird flu. And the city has moved aggressively to stop the spread of the

LigoCyte rounds up $28M in third round

Bozeman, MT-based LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals has rounded up $28 million in its third round of venture capital. The money will be used for the clinical development of two lead vaccines targeting

Insurance fears make volunteers balk at AIDS trial

A professor at the University of Toronto is warning that researchers may find it increasingly difficult to enlist volunteers for new trials exploring the safety and efficacy of experimental AIDS

SPOTLIGHT: Gardasil wins priority review

The FDA is giving a priority review to Merck's request to expand the use of Gardasil to protect against cervical cancer in women up to the age of 45. The vaccine is currently approved for girls aged

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Vaccine Market Swiss authorities have negotiated a 40 percent discount on the price of Gardasil when it's used in a recommended vaccine program for teenage girls.

Cytos' blood pressure vax data shows new approach

New data from a small human study of Cytos' blood pressure vaccine has stirred

NanoBio gets fresh backing for vaccine program

The venture capital group Perseus has pumped $10 million dollars into NanoBio, bringing its total investment in the University of Michigan spin-off to $30 million. The developer has been working on

Japanese R&D team targets next gen flu jabs

Investigators in Japan have designed a new vaccine that has been effective in animal tests against multiple strains of influenza, including varieties of the dread bird flu. Using a peptide derived