Would-be partners wage angry feud

The angry exchanges between Emergent BioSolutions and Protein Sciences keep getting nastier. Both companies now accuse each other of breaking their $78 million merger pact, and the accusations are

Fauci says HIV vaccine requires a new approach

The deeply confused state of HIV vaccine research was underscored by NIAID chief Anthony Fauci's recent decision to halt a planned human trial of an experimental jab. In an interview, Fauci pointed

Acambis plots growth after $549M buyout

Sanofi-Aventis' announcement earlier this week that it is buying the UK's Acambis for $549 million is fresh evidence of a buoyant vaccine market. The French drug company is paying a 65 percent

Industry ties to vaccine advocates raises skepticism

Heightened media attention to the financial ties between vaccine makers and the physician groups which advocate their use appears to be encouraging a growing number of parents to

Vaccine may offer protection from black plague

An experimental vaccine created from genetically engineered plant cells appears to be effective against the Black Plague, which has bedeviled the world for centuries and is listed as a top bioterror

NIAID backs Emergent work; Antigenics reports a loss;

Vaccine Research The NIAID has provided $4.5 million in research grants to Emergent BioSolutions for its work on vaccines for botulism and anthrax.

Alzheimer's vax eliminated plaque, not dementia

Researchers are trying to find out why a vaccine for Alzheimer's would be able to eliminate the beta-amyloid plaque long considered responsible for the disease without actually curing the disease.

Merck invests $300M in vaccine expansion

Merck's decision to pump $300 million into an expansion of its Durham, NC vaccine facility is seen by analysts as part of a coordinated effort to solidify a leading role in a booming global vaccines

Dynavax inks universal vaccine pact with Novartis

Dynavax Technologies and Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics are teaming up on an effort to develop a new universal flu vaccine. Novartis Vaccines, which includes the old Chiron ops it bought out, will

Tobacco used to create new cancer vaccine

A new cancer vaccine made from genetically engineered tobacco leaves has been found safe in a small, early-stage trial. The vaccine also spurred the immune systems of 11 out of 16 volunteers in the

HIV trial scrapped; FDA: Gardasil safe and effective;

Vaccine Research Government officials have scrapped plans for a major human trial of a new HIV vaccine, still convinced that there is considerable basic research work that needs to be done before

U.K. expects superbug vaccines within 10 years

The UK's chief medical officer is predicting that new vaccines will be available within five to 10 years that can protect hospital patients against deadly superbugs that kill thousands of people

Alzheimer’s vax skirts deadly side effects

Scientific American is reporting on the successful advance of a preclinical Alzheimer's vaccine that combines small amounts of amyloid beta and interleukin-4, which is delivered in an inactivated

Vical reports breakthrough with bird flu vaccine

San Diego- based Vical is reporting early-stage success with a new bird flu vaccine that relies on engineered bacteria to produce genes of the H5N1 virus. The DNA is combined with an adjuvant in a

Brain cancer vaccine a success in mid-stage trial

An experimental dendritic cell vaccine for glioblastoma multiforme--a lethal brain cancer--has demonstrated a successful immune response in a key study. And following a vaccination with chemotherapy

Medicago ponders new vaccine plant; police win vaccine security grant; DynPort and Quintiles win $32M contract

Vaccine Market Canada's Medicago is considering a new joint venture to build a bird flu vaccine plant in France.

CDC details side effects reported on Gardasil

The CDC says there have been about 8,000 reported incidents of adverse effects due to Gardasil vaccinations in the U.S. More than 11 million doses of Gardasil were distributed last year. The most

Genocea tackles next-gen pneumococcus vaccine

Xconomy's Luke Timmerman profiles the work of Genocea Biosciences, which is developing a low-cost, next-gen pneumococcus vaccine that can outperform the blockbuster Prevnar. Seattle-based PATH has

GeoVax readies mid-stage AIDS vaccine trial

Atlanta-based GeoVax Labs is planning to launch a mid-stage study of its AIDS vaccine this fall. The Emory University spin-off says that the NIH study would recruit 225 volunteers to help test the

Emergent accuses biotech execs of wrecking buyout pact

Rockville, MD-based Emergent BioSolutions has filed suit against Protein Sciences, saying the vaccine developer never planned to follow through on a planned $75 million acquisition agreement.