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Cervarix data demonstrates prolonged protection


GlaxoSmithKline has released new Cervarix data that demonstrates the vaccine's ability to generate a high and sustained level of antibodies to neutralize the two most prevalent strains of cervical cancer for up to 6.4 years. That's the longest duration yet observed. The new follow-up data from ongoing trials also shows that the vaccine triggered antibody levels 11 times higher than a natural infection would induce over that period of time.

"We designed our cervical cancer vaccine with our proprietary Adjuvant System, AS04, to deliver high and sustained levels of neutralizing antibodies to prevent cervical cancer over the long-term," said Philippe Monteyne, Senior Vice President, GSK Biologicals. "With nearly six and a half years of data, the vaccine has already been shown to provide the longest duration of protection of any cervical cancer vaccine to date. The high and sustained neutralizing antibody levels we observe over this same period give us confidence that the vaccine will continue to protect for even longer. This is why we are extending the study follow-up in a sub-set of women for up to 9.5 years, the longest follow-up period for any cervical cancer vaccine."

- read the Cervarix release for more
- read the story from RTT News

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