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HPV researcher calls for vaccination of males

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Discussion of the benefits of vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV) almost always centers around women, especially young women, who are at greater risk of developing cervical cancer. Speaking at an event in Canada late last month, the Nobel Prize winning pioneer of HPV research, Dr. Harald sur Hausen, called for the vaccination of men as well. As in women, the more dangerous strains of the virus, HPV-16 and HPV-18, can contribute to the development of anal and penile cancer.

Studies by the CDC indicate that homosexual men are at an even higher risk than heterosexual men; gay and bisexual men may be up to 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer.

The HPV vaccine Gardasil is not yet approved for men, but the manufacturer, Merck, is currently conducting clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of Gardasil in males. Merck spokeswoman Sheila Murphy says she is hopeful that preliminary data for the study will be available soon. "There is going to be a [peer reviewed] meeting in Europe in November, and I was hoping there would be some data presented there, and I still haven't heard whether that is going to be the case or not," Murphy tells Canada's Xtra.

But, Murphy said, it may be another two years before there is a vaccine for men on the market. Although some countries have allowed boys to be given Gardasil based on initial studies, others, such as Canada, have asked for efficacy studies. "In Canada... they want us to do the efficacy studies, to show in fact that the vaccine, not only does it cause an immune response recognition, but it actually prevents a disease," she said.

- check out Xtra article for more

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The HPV Vaccine (Gardasil), like ALL OTHER vaccines, has never been tested to see if it CAUSES cancer. This is stated right in the PDR. Girls are dropping dead and suffering all kinds of serious side effects from this vaccine.

It is getting more & more obvious that vaccines are CREATING disease.

This sort of hysterical comment should not be tolerated and I'm sure anyone reading it will dismiss it as the rantings of a deranged lunatic. Stick to the facts, either for or against.

There is absolutely no link between vaccines and cancer, there never has been. The link between HPV and cancer is well known and has been known for decades. That's the sole reason WHY women get pap smears.

However, that the vaccine prevents cancer is also well known and shockingly effective. Girls are not dropping dead or suffering "all kinds of serious side effects". Basically, out of 16 million people, 44 people have had serious illness and 11 people have died. None of these cases of death have been linked with the vaccine, and the vaccine never claimed to be 100% proof against death anyway. There will always be *someone* who suffers something unusual from a medicine, vaccine, or treatment.

Basically, all cases of illness or death is no higher than the general population without the vaccine. And without it, you put your life (and the lives of others) at risk.

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