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Two GlobeImmune cancer vaccines well tolerated

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Good news for GlobeImmune and its Tarmogen vaccine platform: the company released positive safety and immunogenicity data for GI-4000 and GI-6207, which treat lung adenocarcinoma and carcinoembryonic antigen-expressing cancers (such as colorectal and pancreatic cancers), respectively.

In its Phase IIa trial with 24 patients receiving varying doses of the vaccine, GI-4000 achieved an immune response in 47 percent of patients. Five of nine patients had a treatment-emergent response, and three of eight patients improved from their baseline response to the vaccine. GI-6207 underwent a Phase I trial that monitored three dosage levels in 25 total patients. Although immune response data is still being analyzed, GlobeImmune said the vaccine stabilized or lowered serum CEA levels in 20 percent of patients. The most common adverse reaction to GI-6207 was a grade 1/2 injection site reaction, according to the release.

"We are very encouraged by the results of these studies showing that GI-4000 and GI-6207 were both well tolerated and appeared to be active against the diseases studied," Dr. David Apelian, Chief Medical Officer of GlobeImmune, said in a release. "These studies provide evidence that our Tarmogen® technology is a promising method for inducing an immunologic anti-tumor response." Apelian noted that the company is planning Phase II trials for both vaccines.

- read the GlobeImmune release

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