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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

India's local rotavirus vaccine launched to combat death linked to diarrhea

A new rotavirus vaccine created under a joint public-private partnership in India has launched this week to fight the serious and often fatal diarrheal disease in young children.

Sanofi, Shantha to supply polio vaccines for India's universal immunization scheme

India will join more than 110 countries that have introduced the inactivated polio vaccine to their calendars. Sanofi and its Indian affiliate, Shantha Biotechnics, will supply polio vaccines to the Indian government via UNICEF. The vaccines will be used in India's universal immunization program.

Shantha's cholera jab prevents 37% of cholera cases in Bangladeshi study

In a huge Bangladeshi trial, Shanchol, Shantha Biotechnics' affordable cholera vaccine, prevented almost 40% of cholera cases. When combined with increased hand-washing, the vaccine prevented 45% of cases.

Sanofi's Shantha prepared to deliver 37M doses of long-delayed pediatric vaccine

Sanofi's Indian affiliate, Shantha Biotechnics, says it's ready to deliver 37 million doses of its low-cost pediatric pentavalent vaccine, Shan5.

Sanofi's Shantha ready to supply 37 million doses of long-delayed pentavalent jab

After rolling out its long-delayed Shan5 vaccine in November, Sanofi's Indian affiliate, Shantha Biotechnics, is ready to provide up to 37 million doses, having already started the process on Tuesday.

At long last, Sanofi launches low-cost pentavalent in India

It's been a long road for Shan5, the low-cost pentavalent from Sanofi-owned Shantha Biotechnics. Now, after manufacturing tie-ups four years ago cost the company a $340 million contract to supply the vaccine, it's finally rolling out the product in India.

Sanofi takes rotavirus vax into Phase III with eye on Indian market

India's rotavirus vaccines market is headed for a shake-up, and Sanofi's angling to get in on the action. It got one step closer this week, with its Indian affiliate commencing Phase III clinical trials for its own investigational vaccine.

Sanofi's Shan5 overcomes manufacturing setback to score thumbs up from WHO

Four years after manufacturing problems cost Sanofi-owned Shantha Biotechnics a $340 million contract to supply pentavalent vaccine Shan5, the jab has rewon the World Health Organization's favor, nabbing a positive prequalification decision that opens the door for purchases by United Nations agencies.

Sanofi sees Shantha Biotech's Shan5 back in 2014

When Sanofi bought an 80% stake in Indian vaccinemaker Shantha Biotech in 2009, the talk was of the deal accelerating growth in emerging markets.Things played out a little differently though.

Indian court: Sanofi doesn't owe taxes on Shantha merger

An Indian high court on Friday quashed India's income tax department's claim that Sanofi owed more than $185 million in capital gains tax in relation to its 2009 buyout of Shantha Biotechnics.
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