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Latest Headlines

Merck snags rights to NanoBio's adjuvant vaccine tech

After collaborating with the University of Michigan-spinout NanoBio over the past three years, Merck has signed off on a new licensing pact for the biotech's nanoemulsion adjuvant technology.

FDA approves GSK's adjuvanted bird flu vaccine for stockpile

Since an FDA advisory panel unanimously recommended GlaxoSmithKline's H5N1 vaccine one year ago, links between the vaccine's adjuvant and narcolepsy have strengthened, and the FDA subsequently delayed approval. Now, though, GSK has received its long-sought FDA approval.

PhI data puts Novartis on track to deliver H7N9 vaccine

The trial found two doses of the adjuvanted cell culture vaccine immunologically protected 85% of participants.

NIH trialing Sanofi H7N9 vaccine with GSK, Novartis adjuvants

Delivering a vaccine against an emerging pandemic flu strain requires developers to make a lot of quick decisions about dosing, use of adjuvants and other factors. With H7N9, however, China's success in limiting the virus' spread has given other countries more time to prepare.

Novavax makes $30M bid for adjuvant business

The deal has the backing of the three largest shareholders, and Novavax expects to close the takeover by the end of next month. With the deal, Novavax gets ownership of a proprietary adjuvant technology it can use in vaccine candidates for pandemic flu, rabies, respiratory syncytial virus in the elderly, foot-and-mouth and other diseases.

Narcolepsy link to GSK vaccine raises doubts about next-gen adjuvants

The FDA is facing calls to reform an advisory panel to review a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine in light of data linking an adjuvant to narcolepsy. And the outcome could have implications for other next-generation adjuvants pharma hopes will supercharge vaccines.

Flu adjuvant adds promise to vaccine

Researchers at Oxford University discovered a compound that gives vaccines a little extra might in the fight against viruses such as the flu, HIV and herpes in mice.

GeoVax steps closer to HIV prevention

To be really effective in people at a high risk of infection, an HIV vaccine needs to protect against not just one exposure but many, and recent research from GeoVax ($GOVX) might bring this ideal type of protection a step closer.

Nanoparticles hijack immune response

In Europe, vaccines typically use adjuvants to stimulate a better reaction, but these are designed to trigger an immune response at the site where the shot is injected. A team of researchers at Duke...

With help from state, GSK adds jobs in Montana

"Good-paying" manufacturing and scientific jobs should be available as soon as GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) upgrades a production facility in Hamilton, MT. A state development grant of $240,000 will help