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Latest Headlines

Seattle BioMed receives $10M NIAID grant to lead AIDS vaccine effort

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded a 7-year, $9.8 million grant to develop an AIDS vaccine to four Seattle-based research organizations and Rockefeller University.

Falsified AIDS vaccine data lands researcher an NIH funding ban

National Institutes of Health funding is the lifeblood of U.S. biomedical research centers, particularly for teams working on speculative, early-phase projects like AIDS vaccines. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han was part of one such team, but NIH has banned him from receiving grants for three years for falsifying research.

Experimental vaccine clears monkeys of HIV-like virus

An HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate developed by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University shows promise for advancing treatment of the disease, a crippling worldwide public health problem. 

AIDS vaccine failures trigger 'Goldilocks' analogy

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researchers think the inability to find an effective AIDS vaccine may come down to not finding the right virus strain to make one.

Nigeria commits to AIDS vaccine development

In Nigeria, around 3.3 million people were living with HIV/AIDS in 2010. To try to combat this, the country is kick-starting its vaccine program again.

Breakthrough trial protects monkeys from HIV-like virus

Scientists for the first time have successfully used a vaccine to protect monkeys from contracting their version of the AIDS virus. Johnson & Johnson ($J&J) subsidiary Crucell NV of the

88 drugs, vaccines filling HIV/AIDS pipeline

The FDA has approved more than 30 medicines to treat HIV/AIDS since the disease became widespread in the early 1980s. The life expectancy for many patients with the disease has increased considerably

MIT tech could boost AIDS vaccine work

New technology developed by MIT researchers can measure how the body's T cells react to cells infected with HIV. They hope that the technology could make it easier to design and monitor vaccines

Bionor HIV vaccine lowers viral load, ART need

Norwegian biotech Bionor Pharma has released results from a study of its therapeutic HIV vaccine, Vacc-4x. After initially planning to shelve the vaccine last October, the company is now plotting

Novel antibodies could lead to AIDS vaccine

Researchers sponsored by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have isolated 17 novel antibodies against HIV, an achievement that could eventually lead to vaccines against the virus. The