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Latest Headlines

AIDS vax group reveals global research strategy

Over the past year, researchers have made a number of breakthroughs in the AIDS vaccine quest, including realizing that creating such a vaccine is possible. Now, with such deep-pocketed financiers as

Crucell forges ahead with combo AIDS vax trial

Joining with a host of collaborators, Crucell plans to take a promising combo approach for a new AIDS vaccine into the clinic in the U.S. in an ambitious effort to forge ahead on one of the most

B cells could play key role in new AIDS vax

Researchers at Duke University have offered up a key insight that could help researchers develop a new AIDS vaccine. They found that the immune system is quick to eliminate critical B cells that the

Scientists blame adenovirus for AIDS vax trial fiasco

Two years ago the revelation that Merck's experimental AIDS vaccine actually increased the risk of infection among the people who volunteered for a clinical trial proved a serious blow to the whole

New data analysis revives AIDS trial controversy

Renewed controversy is swirling around the big AIDS vaccine trial in Thailand after researchers published the full analysis of data in the New England Journal of Medicine. A secondary analysis of the

HIV/AIDS vax 'leapfrogs' immune system

A team of scientists says that inserting a gene into muscle successfully spurred production of antibodies that fought off HIV/AIDS in both mice and monkeys, offering an intriguing new approach to

Researchers explore new avenue to AIDS vaccine

Stymied by a fruitless 25-year search for an AIDS vaccine, some investigators are taking a radically different approach to protecting people from a virus that claims more than two million victims

World AIDS day marked by new vaccine progress

Despite recent setbacks in the search for a new AIDS vaccine, developers are continuing to report fresh progress in the field. GeoVax Labs chose World AIDS day to announce that it is launching a

HIV vax debacle linked to T-cell activation

The failure of Merck's HIV vaccine caused havoc in the field as the NIH pulled back and tried to find out what went wrong. Now French researchers led by Eric Kremer of the University of Montpellier

Economic crisis overshadows AIDS vax summit

An international AIDS vaccine summit has provided a stage for some gloomy prognostications on vaccine research--and drug research in general--during a time of economic crisis. The meeting in South