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Latest Headlines

Video gamers uncover AIDS drug targets

Don't be too quick to dismiss video games as a waste of time. Players of the online science game Foldit have pieced together the structure of an enzyme that could provide new targets for AIDS

Green-glowing cats light the way to possible new AIDS treatment

There is a lesser-known, hidden aspect to the devastating AIDS pandemic. Cats. Millions of our feline friends die every year of FIV, the feline version of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It

Novel antibodies could lead to AIDS vaccine

Researchers sponsored by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have isolated 17 novel antibodies against HIV, an achievement that could eventually lead to vaccines against the virus. The

S. Africa mulls state-run pharma to control HIV med costs

South Africa has decided to take HIV drug pricing into its own hands. After years of complaining that the cost of AIDS drugs was too high, the government says it will start a state-run drug company

Studies: Gilead HIV drugs prevent transmission

Two new studies show that AIDS drugs made by Gilead Sciences can prevent heterosexuals from acquiring HIV, adding to a growing number of new methods to slow the spread of the virus worldwide. Report

Gilead first to jump into AIDS patent pool

Gilead Sciences ($GILD) has broken the ice on the AIDS drug patent pool. In a deal that will allow poor countries cheap access to its treatments, the company will share two of its leading HIV

Gilead's U.S. pricing on HIV meds draws fire

Gilead Sciences chief John Martin (photo) figures his HIV drugs won't earn much in under-developed countries. And if the drugs won't earn much there, then the patents on them aren't worth much,

Jury: Abbott breached GSK deal, but not competition law

A California jury didn't buy GlaxoSmithKline's accusations that Abbott Laboratories tried to quash competition in the AIDS drug market, but it did award GSK $3.5 million for breach of a licensing

Calif. official: Lower AIDS drug prices

California State Controller John Chiang is pushing forward aggressively with a campaign to get drugmakers to lower the price of the AIDS medication Atripla, according to a report by Ed Silverman on

Researchers remove macrophages as HIV hiding place

It's as if a land mine were hiding directly on top of an Army mine sweeper. Scientists have long pondered the irony of HIV's ability to hide out inside macrophages--cells whose job it is to kill