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Latest Headlines

Obama boosts pledge to fight AIDS, TB by 38%

The Obama administration boosted its pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria by 38 percent to $4 billion as it urged the organization to become more efficient. The pledge

Researchers get $21M to study HIV

A team headed by researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has been awarded a $21 million grant to ascertain how the immune system

Specially engineered immune cells ward off AIDS

A group of scientists have demonstrated that specially engineered stem cells could be used to fights off AIDS, successfully testing the approach in mice engineered to develop immune systems similar

Scripps team discovers path to a new class of HIV drugs

A group of scientists at Scripps Research Institute has identified two compounds that bind to the HIV protease in novel locations, a discovery that opens the door to a new class of treatments that

AIDS drug researchers unveil a dramatic breakthrough

AIDS researchers have solved one of the most perplexing riddles that has stumped scientists in their 20-year-old hunt for effective therapies. After years of trial and error, a team of scientists in

B cells could play key role in new AIDS vax

Researchers at Duke University have offered up a key insight that could help researchers develop a new AIDS vaccine. They found that the immune system is quick to eliminate critical B cells that the

FDA panel backs broader Selzentry use

Good news for Pfizer's HIV drug Selzentry. An FDA advisory panel yesterday recommended broader use of the med, which is currently only approved for patients whose treatment on other drugs has failed.

AIDS activists grade pharma

The AIDS Activists Coalition released its Pharmaceutical Company HIV/AIDS Report Card last week and they're not all exactly the kind of report cards you want to take home to mom. Nine companies were

HIV/AIDS vax 'leapfrogs' immune system

A team of scientists says that inserting a gene into muscle successfully spurred production of antibodies that fought off HIV/AIDS in both mice and monkeys, offering an intriguing new approach to

Researchers explore new avenue to AIDS vaccine

Stymied by a fruitless 25-year search for an AIDS vaccine, some investigators are taking a radically different approach to protecting people from a virus that claims more than two million victims