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Latest Headlines

Gene therapy could offer AIDS cure

New hope for an AIDS cure: An AIDS patient being treated for leukemia received a bone marrow transplant that may have cured him of the deadly disease. When American AIDS patient living in Berlin

AIDS foundation scolds Abbott

"Shame on Abbott" said the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is loudly calling into question the pricing policies of Abbott Laboratories in Mexico. Abbott, the Foundation claims, is picking on

Merck cuts deals on AIDS meds

Merck is garnering some goodwill in the AIDS community with price-freezes and discounts on its HIV-fighting drugs. First, Merck agreed to keep the new,

HIV drugs may find preventive use

Should HIV drugs be used to prevent infection with the deadly virus? Some say yes. Given the fact that vaccine developers have to

Planned AIDS vaccine trial raises concerns

The AIDS Vaccine Research Subcommittee of the NIH has OK'd a new AIDS vaccine trial, prompting some skeptics to caution against plunging back into trials so soon after a

HIV research summit seeks new discovery path

Twenty-five years after the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, top scientists from around the world gathered at the Pasteur Institute to mark major advances in the field and come to

Lancet: Glaxo HIV med boosts cardiac risk

A leading AIDS med made by GlaxoSmithKline carries nearly double the risk of heart attack compared with other anti-HIV meds, according to a new study published by the Lancet. Abacavir--which

Feds steering funds back to basic AIDS vax research

After trying and failing repeatedly to develop an AIDS vaccine, federal officials say they're going back to the drawing board to come up with some new ideas.

Insurance fears make volunteers balk at AIDS trial

A professor at the University of Toronto is warning that researchers may find it increasingly difficult to enlist volunteers for new trials exploring the safety and efficacy of experimental AIDS

Scientists create cheaper versions of anti-HIV molecule

Researchers have overcome one of the chief obstacles to developing a vaginal gel to protect poor women from HIV infection. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have invented cheaper versions