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Latest Headlines

Immunomic licenses allergy vaccine tech to Astellas for $300M

Astellas first joined forces with Immunomic Therapeutics in February, contributing $15 million up front for a vaccine against allergies caused by Japanese red cedar. Now, the duo is entering another partnership, with Astellas handing over $300 million up front for the exclusive license to Immunomic's LAMP-vax technology to develop vaccines for human allergies.

Allergy Therapeutics scores $30M to finish grass allergy vaccine

After a damaging delay back in 2007, Worthing, U.K.-based Allergy Therapeutics is attempting to revive its Pollinex Quattro Grass allergy vaccine. And now, it has some new funding to help it do just that.

Astellas joins forces with Immunomics on allergy vaccine

Astellas Pharma is getting a piece of the vaccine pie. The Japanese company is joining forces with U.S.-based Immunomic Therapeutics to develop the latter's vaccine to treat allergies caused by Japanese red cedar.

New financing helps Anergis take allergy vaccine to Phase III

Strong Phase IIb data for Anergis' birch allergy vaccine, AllerT, was enough to convince all the company's existing investors to come back for a Series B financing round--and some new ones, too. And now, the company has rounded up the cash to take the candidate into Phase III.

Circassia begins trading in London following successful IPO

The first two days of trading passed uneventfully, with Circassia's stock fluctuating around the 310 pence ($5.20) per share price it commanded in the IPO to close on Wednesday at 309 pence.

Circassia to test U.K. investors' appetite for risk with a $285M IPO

European financial markets have largely missed out on the biotech IPO boom, with the few local companies to go public traveling to the U.S. to file their papers. Now British vaccine developer Circassia is to test investor appetite in the United Kingdom with a bumper $285 million IPO.

Researchers aim at trial to test whether BCG vaccine cuts risk of allergies

Researchers have linked rising allergy rates to improved hygiene and asked whether the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine can reverse the trend. Existing data is inconclusive, but an Australian team has seen enough to run a 1,400-person trial into the effect of the vaccine.

Grass pollen allergy vaccine not to be sneezed at

Biomay is developing a recombinant grass pollen allergy vaccine, known as BM32, that could cut symptoms after just three doses.

Red cedar allergy DNA vax hits the clinic

Immunomic Therapeutics is developing a DNA plasmid-based allergy vax for this allergy, code-named JRC-LAMP-vax, and has been cleared by the U.S. FDA to begin a Phase I clinical trial in Atlanta in June 2012.

Researchers work toward seafood allergy vax

Unlike milk or egg allergies, seafood allergies can continue throughout a person's lifetime. So Dr. Andreas Lopata and other James Cook University researchers are attempting to develop a vaccine...
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