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Latest Headlines

New technique could fast-track discovery of antibody drugs

Using a new technique to find disease-fighting antibodies, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute's La Jolla, CA-based campus have discovered an antibody that mimics a hormone that controls the production of clotmaking platelets in blood.

J&J grabs another 'breakthrough' FDA win with early-stage cancer drug

Eight months after Johnson & Johnson committed to a $1.1 billion deal package to partner on Genmab's cancer antibody daratumumab, the FDA has blessed the Phase I/II program with its new "breakthrough" designation.

CytomX's antibody therapies target cancer, leave healthy tissue intact

Antibody technology holds promise for treating a wide array of diseases, and designing new antibodies is a hot area in biotech research right now. One company is developing a new class of antibodies to combat cancer.

Novavax jumps on positive PhII for RSV vaccine

he vaccine works by immunizing women in their childbearing years, causing them to pass on protective antibodies to guard infants. Now it's on to a pivotal trial.

Biotech startup Avitide attracts venture funding from familiar VC crowd

Repeat biotech founder Tillman Gerngross has started a new company. Avitide, which Gerngross co-founded with his colleagues at the high-profile startup Adimab, has taken off with an undisclosed amount of Series A financing from the same venture funders that have backed his previous companies.

New target found for common pediatric brain tumor

Researchers have discovered what appears to be an essential growth factor associated with medulloblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor in children, a finding that could help scientists better target these tumors to provide more effective and less damaging treatments.

Merck Serono, Feinstein Institute form collaboration to find lupus treatments

Merck Serono and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have formed a partnership to develop antibodies to treat systemic lupus erythematosus, an unpredictable disease that has no cure.

Add a drop of blood, and this tiny Dx device tests 50 things at once

Researchers in Texas have come up with a device that's essentially an adaptable diagnostic tool. How so? It can measure 50 different things at once from a single blood drop.

DARPA tackles the DNA vaccine

After losing more than 1 million service days during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to severe diarrhea in troops, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to combat the problem by making drugs based on nucleic acids such as DNA rather than the weakened or dead proteins typically used in vaccines.

Virus found in dogs may fuel new vaccines

A virus found in man's best friend may offer a platform for developing a potent human vaccine.