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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Astellas inks deal to create a portfolio of vaccine-focused biotechs

The partnership sees Astellas team up with ClearPath, a Maryland-based company that helps develop early-stage drugs.

Astellas' prostate-cancer prodigy Xtandi shines as pre-chemo treatment

Soon after Xtandi hit the market last year, analysts were figuring that the prostate cancer drug would help pump up that market to $9.1 billion by 2021.  And now, the drug has shown success in a Phase III trial eyeing Xtandi as a prechemo treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

NICE panel likes Astellas' Xtandi

Xtandi, the prostate cancer drug from Astellas, is a pill, and that is a benefit to patients in the eyes of an independent committee for the U.K.'s price watchdog, NICE. But then, so is Johnson & Johnson's competitor Zytiga, which NICE has already approved. The difference is that Xtandi can be taken after eating, an advantage the makes it more convenient in the eyes of NICE evaluators who have favored its use in the U.K.

Biodesix touts lung cancer Dx's ability to pick better treatment option

In the bid to propel personalized medicine into everyday use, Biodesix may have hit pay dirt. The company's recently concluded Phase III trial appears to show that its lung cancer blood diagnostic successfully predicts treatment outcomes for two different therapies.

Amgen forges ahead in Japan with Astellas joint venture

Amgen has seemed sorely in need of an Asian expansion strategy as competitors put down eastern roots and seemed to pass it by. But with an agreement this morning with Astellas Pharma to establish a new joint venture in Japan, the world's biggest biotech showed it won't be left behind.

Japanese pharma giants launch $100M global R&D initiative

In a sharp reversal of its long neglect of diseases that afflict in the poor in the world's emerging markets, a slate of Japan's top pharma companies have joined a $100 million effort to tackle HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and tropical diseases.

Aveo shares shellacked after Astellas drops EU game plan on kidney cancer

Three weeks after an FDA panel overwhelmingly rejected Aveo's bid to gain an approval for its kidney cancer drug tivozanib, the biotech has earned another vote of no confidence--this time from its pharma partner.

Roche wins new targeted OK for Tarceva in EGFR-positive lung cancer

Along with its partner, Astellas, Roche has won FDA approval for a new, first-line use for its lung cancer drug Tarceva in patients whose cancers test positive for specific mutations of the EGFR gene. Roche also got the nod for a diagnostic test to identify eligible patients.

Roche gains FDA sign-off on lung cancer companion Dx

Roche's surging diagnostics arm scored a major win this week, gaining FDA approval what is being billed as the first companion diagnostic meant to detect a specific mutation connected to metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

AstraZeneca, Astellas among Optimer bidders, Bloomberg sources say

Who wants Optimer Pharmaceuticals and its high-powered antibiotics? A handful of drugmakers, apparently.