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Latest Headlines

Flagship's startup factory recruits AstraZeneca, Bayer and Nestlé

Doubling down on its in-house startup academy, biotech VC stalwart Flagship Ventures has recruited a trio of big-name corporate sponsors to lend their expertise to its next class of seedlings, expanding its focus well beyond traditional drug development.

Small group of branded drugs like Nexium, Copaxone make up huge part of Medicare spend

It's a good thing for Medicare that AstraZeneca's Nexium has gone generic and Teva's Copaxone is headed that way. That is because they are among about 10% of the drugs covered by Medicare which account for about 25% of the cost.

From the pharma C-suite: Notable, quotable remarks on Asia, emerging markets for Q1 (Part 2)

FiercePharmaAsia  combs earnings calls by major drug companies for notable and quotable nuggets on emerging markets and Asia to track the latest sales trends and insight into business outlooks in markets as diverse as China, India and Japan to Southeast Asia.

AstraZeneca scores fast-track FDA review for big new Brilinta use

Analysts weren't as excited about new Brilinta outcomes data as AstraZeneca was. The company is eyeing $3 billion in peak sales for the clot-buster, partly with the help of the PEGASUS trial, unveiled last month. Analysts figure on half that.

AstraZeneca's Brilinta gets into the FDA's fast lane for new use

AstraZeneca's clot-fighter Brilinta got a lift from the FDA Wednesday, as the agency said it would fast-track review of the drug for broader use. The drugmaker could get an OK in the third quarter, for use in heart attack patients up to three years after the event.

Merck could be in for big Januvia boost, thanks to 'completely balanced' heart data

In one quick announcement Monday, Merck's diabetes drug Januvia became the drug to beat in its class. New study data could boost Januvia's sales by 10% in 2020.

Time for an asthma check, doc? AstraZeneca-sponsored EHR reminders will tell you

Physicians who use Practice Fusion for their electronic health records know the software alerts them when certain patients need check-ups or shots. Now, there's a new alert in town, especially for asthma and COPD sufferers--but this one is funded by AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca sales retreat in its effort to achieve huge growth by 2023

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot, while fighting off the takeover attempt by Pfizer, promised that the company would hit annual revenue of $45 billion by 2023. Now he will be measured by that promise quarter by quarter and today he fell a little short.

AstraZeneca lends its oncology star to Celgene and recruits Innate in a PD-L1 deal spree

AstraZeneca signed a pair of agreements centered on its most prized cancer therapy, selling a stake to the hematology experts at Celgene and buying the rights to a complementary treatment from Innate Pharma.

AstraZeneca tightens ties to Roche's informatics platform provider

Bina Technologies has unveiled its first publicly known deal with a Big Pharma since it was bought by Roche. The agreement sees AstraZeneca tighten its ties to the genomic data analysis platform provider by becoming the first member of the Bina Alliance Program.