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Latest Headlines

Serum Institute allies with biotech in bid to cut cost of biosimilar production

The biosimilars market has attracted some big companies with even bigger claims about their ability to drive down manufacturing costs, with Samsung and its ambition to undercut biologic prices by 50% the standout example. Now a small Australian biotech is trumpeting the cost-saving it can realize after marrying its expression technology to the scale of the Serum Institute of India.

MenB survivors call for Bexsero coverage in Australia

Australian survivors of the deadly meningococcal B strain are mounting pressure on the country's Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to include Novartis' Bexsero, the only approved vaccine for the disease, on its national immunization plan when it meets next month.

Whooping cough mutations may be weakening vaccine effectiveness

Whooping cough is back with a vengeance, and the culprit may be the changing nature of the bacterium that causes the highly infectious disease.

GSK, J&J, TPI want Australia to ease their pain on poppy supplies

Australia accounts for nearly half of the global supply of opium poppy plants that produce the ingredients needed for pain drugs. But drugmakers are in the midst of a political fight there as they press the government to expand production from the island of Tasmania to Australia's mainland.

Fresenius to build new plant in Australia

Germany's Fresenius Kabi has a grant from a state government in Australia and plans to build a new manufacturing plant there.

DSM opens Australia biologics plant

DSM Pharmaceutical Products had lined up a client for its new biologics plant in Australia even ahead of it opening. But as it officially goes online, it has added yet another deal to the roster.

Australia to track Yervoy patients to see if it's worth the $110K price

Australia is paying for Bristol-Myers Squibb's melanoma drug Yervoy. And Yervoy is expensive. So, Australian officials plan to monitor patients treated with it to see whether the drug lives up to its promise. It's an unusual move--and unprecedented in Australia.

Vaccine refusers to miss out on tax benefits under Australian plan

Australian parents are able to refuse to vaccinate their children while still claiming benefits of up to AU$2,000 ($1,835) by registering as "conscientious objectors." With immunization rates falling below 50% in some parts of the country, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is trying to close the loophole.

Glaxo packs up a tablet packaging line in Australia

GlaxoSmithKline is pretty proud of its rotacaps and its blow-fill-seal lines at its packaging plant in the Melbourne, Australia, suburb of Boronia. Its tablet line, not so much, and the drugmaker will eliminate that line and lay off about a third of the workforce at the facility.

CRO Novotech picks up PE investment to expand in Asia

Australia's Novotech has sold off a 30% stake to private equity firm Mercury Capital, planning to use the money to spread its reach across Asia.