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Latest Headlines

Australia reconsidering paying for Pradaxa

Pradaxa, the warfarin alternative from Boehringer Ingelheim, is again under fire only weeks after the FDA released information that the blood thinner was at least as safe as the drug it seeks to supplant.

DSM snags project to feed Australian biologics plant

DSM Pharmaceutical Products has won another contract to feed the new biologics plant it is building with the help of government support in Australia.

Australian scientists grow HIV antibodies in cow's milk

Scientists in Australia say they've taken the first step toward developing a microbicide vaginal cream derived from cow's milk, of all things, that could protect women from contracting HIV during sex.

CSL's drug candidate reverses Type 2 diabetes in mice and rats

In four trials involving mice and rats, scientists at Australian drug developer CSL didn't just stop Type 2 diabetes from developing, they reversed its progression. If successful in humans, the drug candidate known as 2H10 could represent a major breakthrough, essentially a brand new way to tackle the disease.

Australia bets on medical device R&D with new fund

The Australian government hasn't been shy about funding medical device development in years past, and the State of New South Wales is upping the ante, establishing the country's first device R&D fund.

Australian scientists implant first bionic eye prototype

Australian scientists have been working for years to develop a robotic eye, and the government-funded Bionic Vision Australia has reached a major milestone, implanting a prototype device in a woman's eye and getting promising results.

UPDATED: West tapping growth in India, Asia

With drug manufacturing expanding in India and Asia, another manufacturing supplier is building a plant there to feed off the growth.

Cipla, Aspen eye joint excursion in Australia

Indian generics specialist Cipla reportedly has hooked up with one of South Africa's biggest drugmakers for an Australian expedition. Aspen Pharmacare, which also happens to be part-owned by GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK), would tap Cipla's drug supply to expand down under, the Business Standard reports, citing sources.

Old whooping cough vax more effective than new one

Turns out an old whooping cough vaccine--which caused unwanted side effects in some who received it--provided better protection against the disease than the antidote now in use, according to an Australian study.

Australia backs plan to give HPV vax Gardasil to boys

For the first time, boys in Australia will receive the Gardasil vaccine, a series of shots typically given to high school-aged girls to prevent HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer in women.