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Latest Headlines

USDA solicits bids for bird flu vaccine production plan

The USDA is making good on a vow it made in July to have an avian flu vaccine in place by this fall. On Aug. 18, the agency put out a notice saying it would accept bids from animal health companies interested in developing a vaccine against H5N2, the deadly virus that led to the demise of 48 million chickens and turkeys earlier this year.

In wake of bird flu, Minnesota turkey producers slowly restocking flocks

In the wake of the worst outbreak of avian influenza in U.S. history, and with an eye for its possible return in the fall, Minnesota turkey producers are slowly restocking production flocks.

U.S. to spend an additional $191M to help poultry producers recover from deadly avian flu

The U.S. government expects to spend an additional $191 million to reimburse farmers for chickens and turkeys they lost to the worst outbreak of avian flu in the country. 

USDA speeds development of bird flu vaccine as fears of revived virus mount

The H5N2 virus that has wiped out 48 million chickens and turkeys has waned of late, thanks to warm temperatures, but scientists are worried that the virus will return in the fall, as migrating wild birds fly south for the winter. So the USDA is working hard to test a vaccine, license it for mass production, and stockpile it around the country.

Senate committee, USDA, poultry producers meet to discuss deadly U.S. avian flu outbreak

A Senate committee met with a panel of USDA officials and poultry industry professionals earlier this week to discuss the worst outbreak in U.S. history of a deadly avian influenza that resulted in the deaths of about 48 million birds.

Perdue ditches all antibiotics for new chicken line, General Mills goes cage-free

On Tuesday, General Mills announced that it will be using 100% cage-free eggs across the company. The following day, chicken producer Perdue announced that after eliminating the routine use of human antibiotics in 2014, it is now raising more than half its birds without any antibiotics, either human or animal.

Egg prices soar, menu items dropped in wake of historic avian flu

The impact of the deadly outbreak of H5N2 avian influenza, which has sickened more than 48 million birds and forced poultry producers to cull their flocks, has trickled down to grocery stores and restaurant owners. The USDA predicts egg production will fall 5% this year to 6.9 billion dozen, and that shortage is translating to higher prices.

Scientists scrambling to determine if virulent avian flu is airborne

Scientists are scrambling to determine if the worst avian flu influenza in U.S. history is airborne, and if so, how far it can travel.

USDA says deadly avian flu virus on the wane in the Midwest as weather warms

With temperatures starting to warm as summer nears, federal health officials have said they are hopeful the virulent avian influenza that has infected almost 45 million birds in the U.S., mostly located in the Midwest, has reached its peak.

K-State researchers build avian-flu protection into existing poultry vaccine

Scientists at Kansas State University have proven they can build protection against avian influenza into an existing vaccine for Newcastle disease--another flulike illness that affects poultry. Since most chickens are routinely vaccinated for Newcastle, the development could aid future efforts to control and prevent outbreaks of avian influenza, such as the one that has caused the loss of millions of chickens on Midwest farms.
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