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Latest Headlines

Taiwan's PharmaEngine racks up good news on MM-398

Taiwan's PharmaEngine had a host of good news last week as Merrimack Pharma, its U.S. license holder for pancreatic cancer candidate MM-398 was granted priority review by the U.S. FDA and a subsidiary of Baxter also had a filing accepted by the European Medicines Agency that sparked an $11 million payment.

Baxter recalls 4.4M components for at-home peritoneal dialysis

Baxter International is working to scale up its dialysis product manufacturing because it's been unable to meet demand. In September 2013, Baxter acquired Gambro for $4 billion, which is slated to be part of the core of the new medical products focus for Baxter, while a new company, Baxalta, will hold all the biopharma assets of the current company.

Baxter's latest hemophilia drug comes through in Phase III

Baxter, on the eve of biotech spinout, declared Phase III victory for a hemophilia treatment designed to help patients not responding to standard therapy.

Baxter and its controversial partner CTI claim a win in PhIII blood cancer study

Baxter and CTI BioPharma say they have come up with statistically significant topline data on the effectiveness and safety of pacritinib, their late-stage therapy for myelofibrosis. But after the biotech's many twists and turns taken trying to advance pixantrone over the years, a few longtime observers preferred to wait and see the actual numbers before deciding for themselves.

Baxter backs away from vaccines with Vero tech sale to Nanotherapeutics

Baxter, prepping for a biopharma spinoff, has already revealed that vaccines won't figure into its plans going forward. And Monday, it took it second step to exit the space with a sale of its Vero technology and related assets.

Baxter looks to keep its grip on hemophilia market with new FDA filing

Hemophilia leader Baxter isn't quite ready to cede its market share to long-acting newcomers from Biogen Idec.

Under siege by Biogen's new long-acting Eloctate, Baxter's Advate stands its ground

When Biogen Idec this summer priced next-gen hemophilia A treatment Eloctate on par with Baxter's older, less convenient therapy, the market seemed primed for patient switching. But so far, there hasn't been as much as some industry watchers expected. Now, one analyst predicts brand loyalty and payer roadblocks will keep it that way.

Dialysis drives Baxter growth as it preps for Baxalta spinoff

The acquisition of dialysis company Gambro last September continues to fuel Baxter International's sales growth as it preps to spin off its biopharma division in 2015. But despite some stop-gap measures, it's not likely that Baxter will actually be able to meet the demand for its dialysis products until additional manufacturing capacity opens up in 2016.

Pfizer finally lands vaccines bulk-up with $635M Baxter buy

Prevnar's lonely days are over. Pfizer is finally beefing up beyond its best-selling franchise--a long-stated objective of CEO Ian Read's--nabbing Baxter's marketed vaccines portfolio in a $635 million deal.

Baxter International gets Q2 infusion from acquisition of Swiss dialysis outfit

Baxter International is riding high off promising second-quarter earnings, numbers that the company largely attributes to its 2013 acquisition of Swiss dialysis heavyweight Gambro.