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Latest Headlines

13 Big Pharmas to collaborate on $785M fight against neglected diseases

Top executives from a slate of the world's biggest pharma companies will be rubbing shoulders with Bill Gates today as they roll out an ambitious plan to join hands on a $785 million effort to

Gates' legendary discipline transforms vaccine effort

Forbes' Matthew Herper provides a cover story on Bill Gates' multibillion-dollar effort to change the world with a new generation of cheap vaccines that will save millions of lives. And Gates is

Nonprofits share valuable lessons on efficient drug development

When Tachi Yamada left pharma to spearhead development work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he had plenty of doubts about the development model that was being shaped there. But now that

Bill Gates backs fledgling computational drug discovery upstart

Bill Gates has invested a small part of his personal fortune and professional reputation in a Cambridge, MA-based startup that is promising to use cutting-edge computational technology to identify

Gates Foundation turns biotech investor in $10M Liquidia deal

Liquidia Technologies is getting a $10 million boost from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support its work on next-gen vaccines. Only this time the charitable foundation is taking an

NanoBio nabs $6M vax grant

NanoBio, a promising spinoff from the University of Michigan, nabbed a $6 million grant from the Gates Foundation for its work on a new nasal spray vaccine. NanoBio has been using its cutting edge

Canada sees HIV plant funds redirected to research

Millions of dollars once earmarked for a Canadian HIV vaccine-production facility now will be spent on research and preventing mother-to-child transmission of the virus, Health Minister Leona

Bill Gates bets $10M on the future of drug development software

It may amount to only spare change for Bill Gates, but the billionaire's $10 million investment in a Portland-based drug development software outfit could give him a strategic position in the quest

Canada challenges Gates' HIV vax supply study

A Gates Foundation study that identifies an increase in production capacity for development-stage HIV vaccines has a "fatal flaw," says a vaccine expert. The study findings are being cited among the

HIV vax facility plans for sale

Some $750,000 later, the Ottawa International Centre for Infectious Diseases will not be building the HIV vaccine manufacturing plant it had designed to answer a government call. Nor will three other