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Latest Headlines

BioMérieux snags BioFire Diagnostics in $450M buy

Chairman and CEO Jen-Luc Belingard envisions using BioFire's Salt Lake City, UT, headquarters and 500-plus employees as foundations for growth in molecular diagnostics.

BIO: R&D execs say tweaks boost drug-development process

While the success rate in developing new disease treatments remains alarmingly low, a cadre of R&D executives from some of the world's biggest drug developers insisted at BIO that they've zeroed in on a number of ways to boost the chance a promising drug will actually reach patients.

Pharma fights take-back responsibility, but pharmacy group wants more

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is fighting tooth and nail having to take any responsibility for drug-disposal programs, but pharmacists are saying "bring it on."

Pharma files lawsuit against California drug disposal law

Pharmaceutical trade groups have hit a California county with a lawsuit less than 6 months after it made the industry pay for drug disposal. And the outcome could have widespread implications, with other parts of the U.S. watching to see if they can pass on the responsibility and cost to drugmakers, too.

Drugmakers join effort to ferret out sport-enhancing ingredients

In an effort to curtail doping at the London Games and future sporting events, the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) called upon pharma companies to do their part by tracking performance-enhancing compounds in their drug pipelines and notifying WADA so detection tests might be developed before they hit the pharmacy.

Biologics, biosimilar makers duke it out over naming rights

A rose is a rose is a rose, unless it is a biosimilar. Then it may be something else. At least that is the contention of biologicsmakers who want biosimilars to have completely different names than the biologics they will so closely resemble. It is the newest fight to break out on the biosimilars frontier as the U.S. prepares for new rules governing the high-potential products.

Biotech threats disappear as Supreme Court upholds health law

Biotech industry leaders breathed a sigh of relief this morning. The United States Supreme Court has narrowly upheld the Affordable Care Act, retaining a mandate that requires individuals to purchase insurance or face a penalty.

PDUFA bill breezes through Senate, on way to president

The Senate wasted little time adding its stamp of approval on the compromise PDUFA legislation hammered out with the House, taking a quick step in the final march to the president's desk for final authorization.

BIO 2012: Immunotherapies make a comeback at Big Pharma

FierceBiotech virtually relocated the whole team to Boston this year, where we had a great turnout for our executive breakfast exploring how virtual drug development strategies are influencing everyone in the industry, big and small. We also collected a slideshow of photographs of the people attending BIO this year.

House rushes through approval of new PDUFA legislation

If the promise of more meetings with the FDA and a better shot--though no guarantee--of an accelerated approval for promising new drugs excites you, you'll be glad to hear that the House has put its stamp of approval on the new PDUFA legislation.