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Latest Headlines

Biomarker gauges graft-versus-host disease risk for stem cell transplant patients

A newly identified biomarker can help spot stem cell transplant patients who are at high risk for graft-versus-host disease, and they can be screened through a blood test.

Are cancer biomarker tests grossly underused?

A cadre of researchers, academics, insurers and patient advocates are calling for major reform in how tumor biomarker tests are regulated, reimbursed and developed. They argue that the current system leaves the diagnostic tools chronically underused and holds back the advance of personalized cancer care.

Another amyloid biomarker linked to Alzheimer's

Amyloid beta plaque deposits in the brain serve as a clue to help diagnose Alzheimer's. But a related protein known as amylin also appears to build up in a major way. And researchers think it could eventually serve as another dementia or Alzheimer's biomarker.

Brain scan may provide biomarker guideposts to ideal depression treatment

Activity in certain parts of the brain appears to offer solid biomarker guideposts to whether drugs or psychotherapy works best to treat depression, researchers have found. And a pretreatment brain scan helps make the determination.

Stunted telomeres might flag breast cancer risk

Typically, BRCA mutations can help predict a women's risk of breast cancer. But telomeres, structures on the ends of chromosomes, might be an alternative way to do this. Scientists believe that when stunted in a certain kind of cell, they point to a heightened risk of contracting the disease.

Cancer Research UK, Abcodia to develop blood Dx attuned to early-stage cancers

Cancer Research UK, by way of its commercial division known as Cancer Research Technology, will collaborate with Abcodia on new blood tests designed to spot cancers at very early stages.

Pancreatitis or cancer? Mayo Clinic says mutated gene points the way

Diagnosing the difference between pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis is difficult because both conditions produce similar symptoms such as inflammation. But Mayo Clinic scientists say they've discovered a biomarker that will help make the job much easier down the line.

Verastem gears up for companion Dx mesothelioma treatment trial

Verastem's quest to develop drugs that block cell signaling pathways that cancer stem cells need to survive hits a major milestone in mid-2013, when it launches a 350-patient clinical trial of a potential companion biomarker test for its investigative mesothelioma drug treatment.

Key biomarker measure + CT scan predict melanoma survival odds

Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center accurately gauged whether antiangiogenic treatments are working in melanoma patients by using CT imaging combined with measurements of a key biomarker.

Biomarker for liver problems also predicts lung cancer likelihood

Call it biomarker repurposing. Researchers have identified a compound produced by the body that can flag smokers at increased risk for lung cancer--a substance long used to gauge liver function.
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