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Latest Headlines

Canada's Pharmascience expanding plant in Montreal

Canada's Pharmascience will expand facilities in Quebec and is getting help from taxpayers there to accomplish that.

Expired Pfizer contraceptives recalled after supply chain fumble

A Canadian drug distributor began recalling a small quantity of Pfizer birth control pills this week after it accidentally shipped out expired product. Pfizer credited the company with quick action, but it is the kind of issue that in the past has led to litigation against drugmakers over unwanted pregnancies.

Federal judge cuts off Maine's Internet drug supply chain

The ability of Maine consumers to get cheaper drugs from across the Canadian border has been on-again and off-again. Now it is off again.

Lupin, WuXi PharmaTech, Integrity Applications: Asia Company News

FiercePharmaAsia rounds up company activity in Asia across pharmaceuticals, biotech and devices to stay abreast of deal making and provide insight on partnerships and disputes in the works.

Report: 'Carrot and stick' needed to deal with drug shortages

Canada will now require drugmakers to report drug shortages, a practice that has been voluntary. But a new report from Pew Charitable Trusts says solving the problem of drug shortages will require a multipronged attack by regulators, payers and the industry.

Canadian VC CTI unveils a $112M new biotech fund

CTI Life Sciences, a Montreal-headquartered biotech backer, has put together a $112 million new purse, scouting for promising startups in Canada and abroad.

Scientists identify virus triggering mass duck die-offs on Cape Cod

Scientists have uncovered a virus that has been causing yearly mass die-offs of eider ducks along Cape Cod, MA, since 1998.

Nova Scotia establishes program to support beef industry and safety standards

A new program funded by the government of Nova Scotia has been established with the purpose of supporting the growing beef industry in the Canadian province as well as improve animal production safety standards.

Natura Pet issues 8-state voluntary recall of cat food; Canada included

Natura Pet Products issued a voluntary recall of some of its EVO dry cat and dry ferret food, citing a formulation error that resulted in insufficient levels of vitamins and excess minerals.

Baxter spends $10M expanding admixing facility in Canada

Baxter International will spend $10 million to expand its pharma admixing capacity in Canada.