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Latest Headlines

Are cancer biomarker tests grossly underused?

A cadre of researchers, academics, insurers and patient advocates are calling for major reform in how tumor biomarker tests are regulated, reimbursed and developed. They argue that the current system leaves the diagnostic tools chronically underused and holds back the advance of personalized cancer care.

DNA-based molecular robots zero in on cancer, autoimmune diseases

To effectively target cancer or autoimmune disease cells without causing too much harm to healthy ones in the process, researchers are turning to molecular "robots," small DNA-based platforms with binding sites highly specified to interact solely with disease-causing populations.

Life brings new biomarker tech to Merck Serono companion Dx deal

Life Technologies brings newly acquired biomarker expertise to its companion diagnostics collaboration deal with Merck Serono, putting into play technology it snatched up last October.

Hungarian startup seeks med tech partner for intelligent cancer knife

The iKnife device, developed by Budapest-based MediMass, has wowed researchers in early testing, and now the Budapest company's CEO says he's close to partnering with a larger med tech operation in the hopes of bringing the product to market.

Rexahn snags nanotech platform for cancer drug delivery

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals signed an exclusive license agreement of an undisclosed amount with the University of Maryland in Baltimore for a novel cancer-drug delivery platform that makes use of nanotechnology.

AstraZeneca picks Blackfield for cancer drug development

German genomics contractor Blackfield locked up a deal with AstraZeneca, agreeing to provide its computational biology technology to help the drugmaker validate an in-development cancer therapy.

Delcath axing 20% of workforce after FDA blow

Delcath Systems, hamstrung by an unforgiving FDA review of its cancer-treating device, plans to slash its payroll by about 20% to reduce the company's expenses.

Mevion raises $55M for cancer-fighting device

Massachusetts' Mevion Medical has hauled in another $55 million to help commercialize its proton-therapy system for cancer, a device the company touts as smaller and more reliable than its competitors.

Ambrx taps WuXi for HER2-targeting cancer drug

Thanks to some big-name deals over the past year, Ambrx could rake in nearly $1 billion in licensing for its antibody drug conjugates, but the company hasn't lost sight of its in-house development, now partnering with WuXi PharmaTech and a Chinese drugmaker to advance a breast cancer treatment.

New research further reveals nano-gold's delivery potential, safety risk

Gold nanoparticles, because of several inherent characteristics, make excellent drug delivery vehicles, and scientists around the world are now studying the way the tiny particles penetrate cell membranes based on their positive or negative surface charges.