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Latest Headlines

CDC: Side effects not linked to Gardasil

Merck appears to be having a few difficulties marketing Gardasil--but now it may have one less. In their first

HPV vaccine makes inroads, CDC says

Merck's Gardasil has quickly taken hold among teenage girls, the CDC reports. According to the health agency's teen vaccine survey, at least one in four girls has received at least one dose of the

CDC to modernize VAERS

With the heat on to monitor the safety of vaccines, the CDC is calling for a new electronic system that can swiftly gather reports of adverse events from around the country. Right now 80 percent of

Despite concerns, vaccination rates still high

There's been quite an uproar this year over the supposed safety risks presented by vaccines and concerns that a number of parents are avoiding the jab to protect their children. But the CDC--which

CDC backs wide use of Merck's Zostavax

SPOTLIGHT: CDC backs wide use of Merck's Zostavax

Experts call for long-term immunity tracking studies

Vaccine experts are pondering just how long vaccines will be able to provide immunity in a world where some diseases are all but eliminated and natural exposure to many common viruses has ended.

ALSO NOTED: Novo Nordisk creating 400 NJ jobs; Schering to sell off animal products;

> GlaxoSmithKline is acquiring Cambridge, MA-based Sirtris Pharmaceuticals for $720 million. GSK will pay $22.50 per share for the company.

Acambis lands $425M smallpox vaccine contract

The U.K.'s Acambis has won a $425 million contract to supply the CDC with its smallpox vaccine for 10 years. Acambis will establish a U.S.-based manufacturing capability for ACAM2000 and deliver a

Mumps outbreak spurs calls for a new vaccine

Health experts say that an outbreak of mumps two years ago among college students occurred even though most of them had received a recommended vaccine. And a number of physicians have concluded that

TxCell rounds up $16M in second round

France's TxCell has booked up €10.5 million (about $16 million) in a second round of venture funding. Previous investors Auriga Partners, AXA Private Equity, Bioam Gestion, CDC Innovation and