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Latest Headlines

CDC recommends flu jab for children up to 18

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice has greatly expanded the population of people it's recommending for an annual flu shot. The group is urging parents to make sure everyone aged six

France picks Gardasil over GSK upstart

Gardasil captured more territory for Merck and Sanofi-Aventis yesterday when French health officials recommended that vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV. The French authority recommended

SPOTLIGHT: CDC halts Hib boosters after Merck recall

In the wake of Merck's Hib vaccine recall, the CDC is telling docs to stop giving the booster shot that comes due for infants at 12 to 15 months. Sanofi Pasteur won't be able to make up the

CDC: Plenty of flu vaccine to go around

You know flu season's coming up when the media starts chanting about flu vaccines and flu remedies. So break out the tissue and fluids, because three big flu stories hit the news today. First, good

Press Release: Scientists Discover Key to Manipulating Fat

Press Release: Scientists Discover Key to Manipulating Fat

SPOTLIGHT: CDC preps for pandemic

The CDC  brought in reporters to see for themselves how an avian flu pandemic could begin, and how it might be contained without spurring widespread panic. The simulation adopted the same approach, and some of the same analysts, used in war games. Does the human race survive? That question goes unanswered, but it all made for a heck of a show. Report

Press Release: FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Licensure Of New Pediatric Combination Vaccine

Press Release: FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Licensure Of New Pediatric Combination Vaccine

ALSO NOTED: EU committee recommends Parkinson's therapy; Actavis to close warehouse; and much more...

> The European Committee for Medical Products for Human Use has recommended that Schwarz Pharma's Neupro patch be approved for use against Parkinson's. Report > The CHMP has recommended Novartis AG's Exforge hypertension drug and Lucentis treatment for blindness. Report > The Committee for Medicinal …

Morgellons: New disease or mental illness?

If you haven't heard of Morgellons disease, you may soon. Fueled by a popular website outlining its symptoms, thousands of patients are reporting that they have the as-yet undocumented illness.

ALSO NOTED: Oscient gains approvable letter; Achillion sets IPO terms; and much more...

> The FDA has issued an approvable letter to Oscient Pharmaceuticals for Factive as a five-day treatment for community-acquired pneumonia. The developer says that the agency is looking for additional analysis of existing data and some clarifications, but isn't looking for a new trial. Oscient says it should be able to satisfy the FDA's requests in a few weeks. Oscient has already received approval for Factive as a seven-day therapy and is also seeking approval of Factive for acute …