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Latest Headlines

BioSante, Cell Genesys merger will provide cash for Phase III

BioSante Pharmaceuticals says that its planned merger with Cell Genesys will bring in between $20 million and $25 million, which can fund its development program for a gel to treat female sexual

BioSante, Cell Genesys merge in $38M deals

Cell Genesys has put an end to its financial woes through a $38 million merger with BioSante. The two companies will merge in an all-stock deal; BioSante will be the surviving company. Cell Genesys

Cell Genesys shrinks into survival mode

Struggling to survive, South San Francisco-based Cell Genesys has cut its staff to nine employees, relocated to temporary office space and brought in Lazard Freres & Co. to evaluate its strategic

Takeda dumps GVAX partnership

Cell Genesys and Takeda have mutually agreed to end development of GVAX for prostate cancer and Takeda is returning all rights to the therapy after making wind-down payments. Cell Genesys initiated

Cell Genesys halts GVAX program, cuts jobs

Cell Genesys has terminated a late-stage trial of GVAX immunotherapy in patients with prostate cancer. The company had 626 patients enrolled in the trial. The decision to halt the trial was made

Analysts buoy Cell Genesys' hope for GVAX

Shares of Cell Genesys got hit hard last week after the company announced that it was

GVAX questions depress Dendreon shares

After halting one GVAX study so it could further investigate a disturbing number of deaths, Cell Genesys' hopes for the vaccine are now focused on a separate Phase III trial that has not raised the

Cell Genesys' cancer vax setback depresses field

Back in 2000, shares of Cell Genesys traded at more than $50 a share. Yesterday, the stock closed under $1 after plummeting more than 70 percent after its prostate cancer vaccine trial was halted due

Deaths force halt to Cell Genesys cancer vaccine trial

A closely watched trial for Cell Genesys' prostate cancer vaccine GVAX was brought to a sudden halt after an independent monitoring committee noted a significantly higher death rate in the group

Takeda makes $8.8B bid for Millennium

Looking to expand out of a budget-bound Japanese market, Takeda is taking a big chunk of its $10 billion war chest and offering $8.8 billion in cash for U.S.-based