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Latest Headlines

Celldex's brain cancer vaccine Rintega posts survival edge in PhII

Not only is Hampton, NJ-based Celldex Therapeutics operating in the challenging cancer vaccines field, but it's working on a treatment for one of the most difficult-to-treat cancers. But with positive new Phase II survival data in hand, the company could eventually have a winner.

Celldex jumps after gaining an FDA 'breakthrough'

Shares of Celldex Therapeutics shot up 20% this morning after the biotech announced that the FDA had provided its breakthrough therapy designation for rindopepimut (Rintega), an experimental drug for patients with EGFRvIII-positive glioblastoma.

Celldex glioblastoma vaccine extends survival in Phase II

In a Phase II trial, Celldex Therapeutics' cancer vaccine rindopepimut, or Rintega, helped recurrent glioblastoma patients who took it with Roche's Avastin survive a median of 3.2 months longer than patients who took Avastin alone. 

Bristol-Myers Squibb: It's all about the 'breakthrough' drug nivolumab now

Bristol-Myers has one of the best drug development track records in the industry, and the big biotech is devoting major resources to its immuno-oncology lead. Bristol-Myers issued 5 new releases on nivolumab last night, and they all followed an early-morning statement on a new nivo combo study being mounted with Celldex.

Celldex scores upbeat data for breast cancer drug

The Needham, MA-based company's CDX-011 consists of an antibody targeted to the GPNMB protein and an attached chemotherapy agent that is supposed to hit tumor cells with a killer punch.

Celldex shares rally (briefly) on positive PhII brain cancer data

Celldex Therapeutics ($CLDX) reports that a small, single-arm study of its experimental brain cancer vaccine scored a significantly higher overall survival rate than the historical numbers on file.

Celldex brain cancer vaccine increases survival in Phase II

Celldex Therapeutics ($CLDX) has unveiled overall survival data from a 65-person Phase II trial of the company's brain cancer vaccine rindopepimut. In the single-arm trial, the Needham, MA-based

Celldex stock hit hard, but cancer vaccine shows promise

Biotech stocks were rocked last week when Dendreon, which makes the only approved cancer vaccine, reported that sales of Provenge significantly missed their mark. Dendreon lost two-thirds of its

Celldex ($CLDX) touts promise of PhII brain cancer vaccine data

The executives at Celldex Therapeutics ($CLDX) may be asking themselves 'Who needs Pfizer, anyway?' as they gather at the water cooler this morning. Earlier this year, Celldex's shares took a beating

Celldex vax extends life of brain tumor patients in study

A new vaccine produced by Celldex Therapeutics--CDX-110--added to standard therapy appears to offer a survival advantage for patients suffering from glioblastoma, according to researchers at Duke